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The Best Ways to Interact With Your Baby Before Birth

You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to get to know one another. You can see your baby with a private pregnancy scan at our London clinic, and have fun trying these other ways to interact.


Enjoy a Meal Together

Your baby gets to eat what you do, so enjoy a healthy, varied diet together while you’re pregnant. Some babies will even react to specific foods. You might feel your baby kick after you have a sweet treat.

Listen to Music

Babies love music, even before they are born. Listening to music can also be a great way for your to relax during pregnancy, and your baby can hear it too.

Talk to Your Baby

Since your baby can hear, you can also try talking to him or her. Your own voice will be particularly easy for baby to hear over the other sounds in the womb, but other people’s voices can get through too. The voices that your baby hears most often now will be the ones that he or she recognises after being born.

Get Your Baby to Kick

Hearing some music or a familiar voice might encourage your baby to kick, but there are a few other things you can try if you want to get him or her moving, especially in the third trimester.

  • Changing position, lying down if you’ve been on your feet or taking a short walk if you’ve been resting
  • You will be asked to sit or lie down on the couch in a position that allows the scan to be performed
  • Gently pressing or rubbing your belly on one side. The baby might respond by pressing back in the same place.
  • Have a cold drink to see if it wakes baby up a bit
  • Shine a torch on your bump. From about 22 weeks your baby’s eyes might be able to see it from inside, and he or she may turn away or towards the light.

See Your Baby With a Private Pregnancy Scan

Visiting our clinic in London for a private pregnancy scan is one of the best ways to get to know him or her. You’ll see your baby, watch him or her move, and hear the heartbeat. You can even have additional private pregnancy scans to get more bonding time if your routine ultrasounds aren’t enough.