What supplements to take to increase immunity during COVID-19?

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy immune system so it’s vital to eat well when viruses are circulating. Eating a balanced diet will help to keep you and your immune system healthy:

  • Include a range of different fruits and vegetables in your diet to get plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Try to eat fruits and vegetables of different colours as they contain different kinds of nutrients
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of wholegrains and protein
  • Avoid unhealthy fatty and sugary foods

Cardiac Screen Suppliments during COVID-19

The best way to get the nutrition you need is through a healthy diet, but supplements can make up for anything that is lacking in your food.

A multivitamin supplement can top up any vitamins you’re missing out on, but there are some vitamins that could be particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Vitamin D is the nutrient that people in the UK are most likely to lack, especially when we aren’t spending much time outside as sunshine helps our bodies to process it
  • Vitamin K helps to regulate blood clotting so some scientists believe it might help protect against COVID-19 complications, although the evidence is limited
  • Vitamin C is important for our immune systems so it can be a good idea to take a supplement if you’re not getting enough from your diet

Make sure to read the labels on nutritional supplements and don’t take more than one supplement containing the same nutrient. Too much of a particular vitamin can be harmful.

Other ways to boost your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Getting regular exercise can improve your general health as well as your immune system
  • Making sure you are sleeping well can keep your immune system at its best
  • Managing your stress levels can prevent your mood from weakening your immune system