Do You Need Heart Screening?

Medical Ecg background

It is easy to dismiss the need for cardiac screening if you don’t fit into the most obviously at-risk group. However, heart screening isn’t just for older men. Although the risk of heart disease does increase with age, and it is higher in men, other people can also be at risk. It is still important to take care of your heart if you are a woman, and you should start thinking about screening after you reach the age of 40. Continue reading Do You Need Heart Screening?

What to Expect at a Private Psychiatric Clinic in London?

Visiting a private psychiatric clinic in London can be the best way to get prompt help from an expert when you are concerned about your mental wellbeing. Your first visit to a psychiatrist can be a little bit frightening, often because you don’t know quite what to expect, but there is nothing to be afraid of in a private psychiatric clinic. Continue reading What to Expect at a Private Psychiatric Clinic in London?

Cardiac Screening

Do you have chest pain? Are you out of puff taking the stairs? If symptoms are bothering you and you’d like to get checked out or if you feel great but you have a family history of heart disease, getting a cardiac screen could put your mind at ease. Continue reading Cardiac Screening

London Medical Clinic

If you are looking for a private medical clinic in London, there are no shortage of facilities in the capital that offer exclusive healthcare. However, these medical centres are not all equal in terms of the quality of care and service they offer, which is why it pays to investigate the various health clinics that provide the medical care you are after. Whether you want to access diagnostic tests to assess your cardiac, gynaecological or mental health, Cardiac Screen offers these services along with a range of screening packages at our London medical clinic. When you choose us for your health assessments, you can be assured that we will put your needs first and offer you high standards of care. Continue reading London Medical Clinic

Blood Check Up

If you have a history of heart problems, symptoms of heart disease or a family history of cardiac problems, a range of blood tests are available to assess your cardiovascular health. While this includes analysis of your cholesterol level, comprehensive blood testing is available through Cardiac Screen, as your lipid profile is not the only indicator of your risk of heart disease. The results of your blood check up can then be used in conjunction with other cardiac investigations to aid diagnosis and inform any changes you need to make to your diet and lifestyle. Continue reading Blood Check Up