Cardiac Screen’s One Stop Clinic

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Cardiac Screen provides all of the care that you need to look after your heart, so you won’t need to visit different clinics for testing, treatment and consultations. Our one stop cardiac clinic aims to make it as easy as possible for you to access these important services.

one stop clinic

What is the One Stop Clinic?

The Cardiac Screen one stop clinic has everything that is required to care for your heart. You can visit the clinic for cardiac screening and diagnostic tests, to consult with a cardiologist, or to receive treatment for a heart condition. Although some procedures will need to be carried out elsewhere, all non invasive testing and most treatments can be performed at the Cardiac Screen clinic in London. We can perform ECGs, ultrasound scan, echocardiograms, blood tests and many other essential investigations to check on your cardiac health. Our experts can then discuss the results with you and recommend the right treatment for your heart. The one stop approach ensures that you will be supported by the same doctor at every stage, in one convenient place.

Why We Created the One Stop Clinic

The one stop clinic is designed to make your life easier. Many clinics aren’t able to provide all of the specialist care and testing that is required to manage cardiac conditions. Patients can end up having to move around between several different clinics and hospitals in order to get the care that they need. Making appointments and finding your way to all of these different clinics can add unnecessary stress at a difficult time. Our one stop approach enables you to visit the same clinic for testing, treatment and consultations with your cardiologist. You only need to visit one clinic, where you will meet the same staff and be treated by the same specialist each time. The one stop approach enables us to provide you with the highest quality of care.