Coping With Nerves When You Need a Heart Test

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One of the important things to remember about having a heart test at our London clinic is that the tests we perform are safe, non invasive, and painless. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the procedure itself and your doctor can explain exactly what to expect if you’re nervous. If you’re still worried, here are some tips to help you stay calm when waiting for or having a cardiac test.


Keeping Calm During a Heart Test
Even when you know that medical test won’t hurt, being surrounded by strange machines in an unfamiliar environment can make it hard to relax. If you are feeling anxious when you come in to the clinic for your heart test, you should let the staff know so that they can help you to relax. You might also find that relaxation techniques, such as visualizing yourself somewhere else, or trying to remember your times tables to take your mind off the test, could help.

Worrying About Your Results
Although the heart test itself is nothing to worry about, you may still be feeling anxious about what the results could mean. Talking to your doctor about why the test is needed and what to expect afterwards can help. You might also find that talking to a supportive friend of family member helps, but there are also support groups and websites that can provide advice about heart disease and testing. It can also help to find a distraction to take your mind off everything.

You should also try to remember that you won’t know anything until you get your test results back. It can be difficult to live with uncertainty, even when it’s only for a short time, but try not to get too anxious, pessimistic or even overly optimistic before your test. Take it one step at a time, and focus on the test before thinking too much about what happens next.