Could Wearable Tech Predict Help With Stroke Treatment?

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If you have experienced a stroke, you will be aware of how much technology can help with your care. You will probably have had many scans and tests such as the carotid Doppler scan to assess your condition and the risk of having another stroke. However, experts are developing new technology that could soon be providing even more information about your health. While the carotid Doppler scan and other assessments can already provide useful information, anything that adds to our understanding of your health will always be a good thing.

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Wearable Tech for Stroke Patients

The new technology that is now being tested in the US is a set of tiny monitor that can be stuck on to the skin. Patients are given multiple monitors to wear on different parts of the body. Each monitor is able to assess how your muscles are moving in that area and then to send the information back to the medical team wirelessly. One of the biggest benefits of this kind of technology is that it can be worn throughout the day, which means that it can continuously collect information about your health. The data can be collected and sent to your doctors and therapists, who can use it to adjust your care. Knowing how your muscles are moving as you go about your day can enable physiotherapy and other treatments to be targeted more precisely to your needs. The hope is that this information could help to speed up your recovery after a stroke.

Until these new wearable technologies are available, we will still be able to rely on the carotid Doppler scan and other tests to assess your health and the risk of having another stroke. The new tech won’t replace these older techniques, but they may help to supplement them with extra information about your health that could help us to improve your care.