How Screening Helps Predict Your Future Health?

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A complete medical can tell you a lot about your current health, but when you undergo complete health screening you will also learn about the problems that you need to be most careful to avoid in the future. Screening can reveal the risks that you need to address in order to continue enjoying the best possible health. Knowing what risks you face can help you to reduce them and avoid future problems.

Predicting Disease Risk
Complete health screening isn’t the only tool that your doctor can use to predict which health problems you are at highest risk of developing. Your doctor can also use information about your background and lifestyle, your family medical history, or even tests for genes linked to particular diseases such as breast cancer. All of this information can enable your doctor to understand which diseases you need to be screened for and which lifestyle factors you should change to reduce the risk.

Getting Personalised Predictions
Although your doctor can tell a lot about your health risks just from your lifestyle and family history, complete health screening can provide a more detailed and personalised assessment. It isn’t always possible to tell who has a problem like high cholesterol just from looking at diet, so getting tested can reveal issues that you might not otherwise realise are important for you. Screening can help your doctor to predict the kinds of health issues that you are most at risk of developing in the future, but it is often possible to alter the risk once you know it is there. If you undergo regular testing, it will also provide you with a picture of how your health is developing over time, so you will be able to see whether your health is getting worse or if your efforts to improve your lifestyle are working.