London Medical Clinic

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If you are looking for a private medical clinic in London, there are no shortage of facilities in the capital that offer exclusive healthcare. However, these medical centres are not all equal in terms of the quality of care and service they offer, which is why it pays to investigate the various health clinics that provide the medical care you are after. Whether you want to access diagnostic tests to assess your cardiac, gynaecological or mental health, Cardiac Screen offers these services along with a range of screening packages at our London medical clinic. When you choose us for your health assessments, you can be assured that we will put your needs first and offer you high standards of care.

London Medical Clinic Benefits

At Cardiac Screen we operate using principles of patient centred care, so the medical assessments we offer are tailored to your individual needs, rather than providing a “one size fits all” service. With a diverse range of tests available at our London practice it is therefore possible to put together a screening package that is specific to your symptoms and concerns. The tailor made service we offer isn’t the only advantage of choosing Cardiac Screen, as we understand that getting prompt access to diagnostic tests at a time that is convenient is also important to patients. This is why we offer consultations with a specialist without a long wait and allow you to choose the day and time of your appointment to fit around your other commitments. With all medical investigations available on site, this adds to the convenience of our service and allows our medical team to work closely together, helping us to deliver an outstanding level of care.

Medical Clinic Services

At our specialist medical clinic in London we offer a wide variety of tests to meet your healthcare needs. For instance, when it comes to cardiac screening, you can access various types of ECG and echocardiogram, along with a comprehensive blood test to offer a detailed picture of your cardiovascular health. Alternatively, if you want a general wellness check, screening for diabetes, a health assessment before or after you travel, or you want an analysis of your health related to sporting performance, these are all services we offer at our London medical clinic.