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Seven Tips for Preventing Heart Disease

When I was a child I thought that all you had to do to prevent heart disease was avoid salt and greasy fry up’s and I’d look rather scornfully at my mother as she dished up another Friday night meal of egg and chips. It is a good idea to avoid excessive sodium and trans … Read More

How to Avoid a Heart Attack?

According to the British Heart Foundation, around 103,000 people suffer a heart attack each year in the UK and this is the leading cause of death related to heart disease. However, even if you have a risk factor for heart disease, such as a family history of the disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, a … Read More


It is not hard to live healthy; it requires a small amount of commitment and love to live. Think of your body as your physical shell which takes you through life. If you repeatedly abuse it with unhealthy lifestyle, your shell wears out quickly. While you may look okay on the outside, on the inside, … Read More