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Is Mental Health Illness on the Rise?

Added On: October 23, 2019
By: admin

Mental health is an issue that has become much more visible in the media in recent years. We hear a lot more about it now than we did in the past. Does this mean that mental health issues are becoming more common?

Do You Only Have to Do Exercise to Lower Your Cholesterol?

Added On: August 22, 2019
By: admin

Exercise can play a significant part in lowering your cholesterol, but it is important to consider your diet too. In some cases, your doctor might also recommend medication to help with your high cholesterol or other issues that are affecting your heart health.

What Are the Different Types of Ultrasound?

Added On: July 16, 2019
By: admin

Ultrasound scans can reveal a lot about your health. We can use different types of ultrasound to investigate different parts of your body or even to see a developing baby in the womb. Cardiac Screen can perform all of these different scans at our private ultrasound clinic in London.

Is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Rare in Young Adults?

Added On: June 24, 2019
By: admin

Anyone can have a sudden cardiac arrest, but it’s much more common in some age groups than others. Sudden cardiac arrest is rare in young adults, but it does happen. Many people – especially young people – aren’t aware they have a risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Sometimes, the only way to find out if […]

Heart Attack Symptoms

Added On: May 22, 2019
By: admin

Most of us are aware that the main sign of a heart attack is chest pain, but that doesn’t mean that we’re always able to recognise the symptoms in ourselves or others. Heart attack symptoms can vary and they may include less obvious signs such as fatigue, sweating and nausea. Keep reading to find out […]

Everything You Need to Know About Thyroid Nodules

Added On: April 10, 2019
By: admin

If your doctor has suggested getting thyroid ultrasound to check on growths in your thyroid gland, then you might want to learn more about thyroid nodules.

Thyroid Ultrasound: Purpose, Procedure and Benefits

Added On: March 15, 2019
By: admin

If your doctor has suggested a thyroid ultrasound then you probably have lots of questions about it. Read on to learn why we might perform a thyroid scan, what the ultrasound procedure will involve, and the reasons why having this test could be a good idea.

How Often Should You Get a Calcium Score Cardio Scan?

Added On: February 12, 2019
By: admin

Cardiac tests like the calcium score can help us to assess your risk of heart disease, but that doesn’t mean that you should have every available test as often as possible. It’s important to know which tests are appropriate and when you should have them.

Screening Strategies for Cardiovascular Disease in Asymptomatic Adults

Added On: February 4, 2019
By: admin

Cardiovascular disease can remain hidden for a long time before it causes any noticeable symptoms. Screening can reveal these hidden health problems so that you can get the care that you need as quickly as possible. How do we decide who should be screened and how often?

How Do They Check Your Heart for Blockages?

Added On: December 17, 2018
By: admin

A blocked artery in your heart could put you at risk of a heart attack, so it is one of the issues that your cardiologist will look out for during heart screening. You might also have tests to check your heart for blockages if you’ve been having symptoms that could be caused by coronary artery […]