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Could New Blood Tests Help With Heart Screening?

Heart screening often includes blood tests to measure your cholesterol levels, but new types of heart tests could soon be available that could provide additional information about your health. Although it will be a while before these new heart tests become available in London, they may one day help to make cardiac screening even more … Read More

Who Should Have Sports Screening?

Heart screening can be beneficial for everyone, but if you are an active person it might be a good idea to consider a more specialised form of screening instead. Sports screening at the Cardiac Screen clinic in London is designed for fit and active people who want to perform at their best. The screening package … Read More

Types of Heart Screening

Screening tests can reveal problems with your health, even before they start to cause symptoms. Different types of screening tests are available to check for different issues and you can also choose a screening package designed for specific purposes. Your doctor can recommend the types of heart screening that are most suitable for you.

Cardiac Screen’s One Stop Clinic

Cardiac Screen provides all of the care that you need to look after your heart, so you won’t need to visit different clinics for testing, treatment and consultations. Our one stop cardiac clinic aims to make it as easy as possible for you to access these important services.

What is a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)?

A transient ischaemic attack or TIA is a temporary disruption in the blood supply to your brain. It is also known as a mini stroke as the cause and symptoms are similar. You may need to have tests such as a carotid Doppler scan and treatment to reduce your stroke risk after a TIA.

Could You Spot the Signs of Depression?

Depression might seem like a simple condition to spot, but the symptoms can actually affect people in very different ways. Many people are only diagnosed with depression when they consult a medical specialist in London over sleep problems, anxiety, or symptoms that seem to be completely unrelated to their mood.

When Can You Have Your First Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Most women will have their first routine ultrasound scan at about 12 weeks, but it is possible to arrange an earlier private pregnancy scan at a clinic in London. We should be able to see the amniotic sac in your womb from as early as four or five weeks, although the embryo itself will be … Read More

3 Things You Need to Know About Taxi Driver Medicals

If you are about to apply for your first taxi driver license, there are a few important things you need to understand about the medical.

What Does a Radiologist Do?

One of the kinds of medical specialist you may encounter at the Cardiac Screen clinic in London is a radiologist. Radiologists specialize in imaging procedures such as ultrasound that can provide insight into what is going on inside your body.

Should You Have a Heart Test During Sports Screening?

The sports screening we provide in London can include a range of different tests, including heart tests like the ECG and echocardiogram.