Types of Heart Screening

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Screening tests can reveal problems with your health, even before they start to cause symptoms. Different types of screening tests are available to check for different issues and you can also choose a screening package designed for specific purposes. Your doctor can recommend the types of heart screening that are most suitable for you.

heart screening types

Which Heart Tests Can Be Included in Screening?

Heart screening can include a range of different tests to check on the structure, function and health of your heart and cardiovascular system. Common heart tests included in screening include the ECG, echocardiogram and a blood pressure test. Most types of heart screening will be performed during the appointment at the London clinic, but sometimes a portable monitor may need to be worn for 24-48 hours so the heart can be monitored over a longer period. In addition to these heart tests, the screening may include checks on other aspects of your health. Your doctor might recommend blood and urine tests, a physical exam, ultrasound scans or other tests.

Options for Screening

The types of tests that you have during screening will depend on your health and reasons for having the check up. Your doctor can recommend which types of heart screening and other tests are most appropriate or you can choose a screening profile that matches your needs. You might want to arrange:

  • Sports screening to help you to train correctly and maximise your performance
  • A medical including the screening tests required for a taxi driver or pilot’s license
  • Employment or executive screening to ensure that you are fit for work

In addition to these specialised forms of screening, you can also arrange a general check up or heart screening. The screening will check for any issues that need to be addressed and help you to keep yourself as healthy as possible in the future.