Ultrasound can Detect a Heart Attack Before it Occurs

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Research at the University of Washington’s Department of Bioengineering has found that subclinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) can be detected by a portable ultrasound device prior to a heart attack occurring.

The efficacy of ultrasound imaging in detecting subclinical heart disease is well known but since the cost of ultrasound scanning has decreased over time and smaller, portable units have been introduced, it is now possible to use ultrasound imaging for people who may be at risk of developing heart disease (such as those who are overweight or who smoke or those with a family history of heart attacks).

Using scanning to check the condition of the heart could lead to early detection and the opportunity to prevent disease by taking therapeutic measures, such as implementing lifestyle changes (healthy eating including reducing meat consumption, giving up smoking, having an exercise regime and the use of medication if necessary) before the disease begins showing symptoms.

Ultrasound can detect plaques in the iliofemoral and carotid arteries. In the research study that looked at data from American, Canadian and Indian clinics, 203 patients from the US and Canada (42%) had carotid plaque. In India, artery plaque was found in almost a quarter of those examined.

Affordable, simple, non-invasive testing could bring the hope of a new kind of preventative medicine that could save lives and give peace of mind to families with a history of heart problems.

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