What Does a Radiologist Do?

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One of the kinds of medical specialist you may encounter at the Cardiac Screen clinic in London is a radiologist. Radiologists specialize in imaging procedures such as ultrasound that can provide insight into what is going on inside your body.


Seeing A Radiologist

You will usually only need to a see a radiologist when a doctor has recommended that you have a particular kind of test. Radiologists are experts in performing imaging tests such as ultrasound, x rays and MRI scans. You could be referred to a radiologist in London by your GP, but you may also be asked to see one by a cardiologist or another medical specialist.

Since radiologists fulfil a very specialised role, you might only need to see this specialist once, depending on the kinds of tests that you need to have. You will have a chance to talk about the procedure with the radiologist before it is performed, but it is usually the referring doctor who will discuss the results with you after consulting with the radiologist.

What Your Radiologist Does

When you see a radiologist in London, he or she will:

  • Ensure that you are having the appropriate scan or test
  • Explain the procedure and any risks involved in tests such as x-rays
  • Perform the procedure
  • Interpret the results and communicate them to the doctor who requested the scan
  • The radiologist may talk to your doctor about your diagnosis, treatment options or further tests that could be helpful

The information that your radiologist at the London clinic provides can play a key role in your diagnosis and treatment. It takes an experienced medical specialist to interpret the results of scans such as ultrasounds correctly. Your radiologist will be able to guide your other doctors towards the best tests or treatments for you. Although you may only see your radiologist once, he or she will play an essential role in your care.