Why Is a Blood Check Up So Useful?

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A simple blood check up can reveal a lot about your health and all you have to do is provide a small sample of your blood for testing. The reason why this test is so useful is that your blood plays a number of incredibly important roles in your body.

Why Your Blood Matters

With every beat of your heart, your blood is pumped around your body through a system of blood vessels. It carries oxygen, nutrients, hormonal messengers and other essential substances to each cell. It also collects carbon dioxide, toxins and other substances that need to be carried away from the cells and filtered out of your body when the blood passes through your kidneys.

Your blood is responsible for transporting many different kinds of cells and chemicals, and by looking at these, we can tell how well your body is doing. We can look at the levels of nutrients like sugar to see if you might be suffering from a condition like diabetes. We can measure the levels of white blood cells to see if you are currently fighting off an infection. We can also see how well your kidneys are managing to eliminate toxins from your blood. Your blood can also help us to assess the risk of heart disease, which is often associated with problems such as high cholesterol that can be measured during your blood check up.

The Benefits of a Blood Check Up

Your blood is incredibly informative, but there are some other advantages to investigating your health through a blood check up. Collecting a small sample of blood is a simple and almost painless procedure, but we are able to perform a large number of different tests on that sample. Your blood, which circulates all around your body and interacts will all of your tissues and organs, can provide an insight into how all the rest of your body is doing. We can use a blood check up to find out about the health of your heart, kidneys and other organs, without having to look at them directly.