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Getting Additional Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

Most women will only need two or three ultrasounds during pregnancy, but in some cases it may be necessary to have more. You can also choose to have an additional private pregnancy scan in London just because you want to see your baby again before he or she is born.

Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

Early Scans:

Although many women won’t have their first scan until about 12 weeks, your doctor might recommend an earlier scan. An early scan might be needed to check for a miscarriage if you experience any bleeding. It can also be used to check for an ectopic pregnancy, to date the pregnancy, or to see if you might be carrying more than one baby if you are larger than expected. Having an early private pregnancy scan in London can be also be very reassuring if you have undergone fertility treatment or if you have experienced a miscarriage in the past.

Extra Scans:

You can arrange additional private pregnancy scans at any point in your pregnancy. You might need the reassurance of seeing your baby more often if you are feeling anxious about the pregnancy. Getting extra scans can also be an important bonding experience, particularly for fathers. A private pregnancy scan in London can be the best way to get this extra time to bond, as you will be able to see your baby whenever you want.

Late Scans:

Additional scans are sometimes recommended later in the pregnancy. Your doctor might want to perform more frequent scans towards the end of the pregnancy if you are expecting twins or more. You might also need additional scans if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or if the level of amniotic fluid is higher or lower than normal. You might also need a scan if you experience any bleeding in later pregnancy, as it could indicate an issue with the placenta that might show up on the ultrasound. A late scan can also enable the doctor to check on your baby’s growth and position if there are any concerns, especially if they might affect the birth.