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Posted : 14-05-2024
Name : A Y
Comment : Kind and extremely professional service, right from the stage of booking the appointment, through the test by lovely Rekha and the concluding report.

Posted : 26-04-2024
Name : L H
Comment : I am extremely grateful for the support provided by Rekha Dave and Professor Rymer.

Posted : 17-04-2024
Name : A P
Comment : I have been using Cardiac screening for the past 4 years monitoring the progression of my aortic stenosis. Subsequent to SAVR, I continue to use them for routine testing and cardiological advice and I cannot sing their praises enough as a team.

Posted : 05-04-2024
Name : C S
Comment : Highly recommend. I am impressed with their excellent and caring service. Thank you.

Posted : 29-03-2024
Name : L S
Comment : Helpful 😉

Posted : 08-09-2023
Name : l s
Comment : Professor Rymer was really helpful and answered all my questions gladly. She really listened and helped me understand her thoughts on my condition. I felt very reassured afterwards!

Posted : 07-09-2023
Name : W C
Comment : As usual the reception was courteous and welcoming, emphasised by cups of tea after our 2 hour journey.The Professor's explanation of my condition was clear and very helpful.

Posted : 31-08-2023
Name : L S
Comment : Dr. Coutts and his assistant Rekha Dave were both very knowledgable, professional and compassionate. I was very appreciate of Dr. Coutts' assessment of my symptoms and his suggestions for improvement. Rekha Dave administered the treadmill test and made the process very comfortable for me. I definitely recommend their service to anyone with heart issues. Sincerely, Linnea Sloan

Posted : 26-08-2023
Name : A M
Comment : Prof Rymer has been my gynaecologist for many years now. I have always been happy with my care, my appointments and correspondence have always been prompt, and I have been able to contact her support team whenever necessary and received prompt and helpful replies. I feel I can discuss my health issues with Prof Rymer in a relaxed but professional manner and I thank her for her expert attention over these last few years.

Posted : 23-08-2023
Name : P E
Comment : Great professional friendly service

Posted : 21-08-2023
Name : A D
Comment : Great service

Posted : 21-08-2023
Name : L S
Comment : Dear Dr. Courts, thank you so very much for talking with me last Friday. I really appreciate your review of my condition and will follow through on your recommendations. You were very kind and thoughtful and Spencer and I appreciate your advice. Sincerely, Linnea

Posted : 31-07-2023
Name : L H
Comment : On time and totally professional.

Posted : 30-07-2023
Name : R R
Comment : I had an ECG, a stress ECG and a 7 day ambulatory one which Rekha organised. I found Rekha to be highly professional, knowledgeable and dedicated and I had a very pleasant experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Posted : 18-07-2023
Name : J T
Comment : Excellent as usual. I would recommend anyone if the occasion arose. Thank You.

Posted : 16-07-2023
Name : K P
Comment : I went to see Miss Shanti Raju Kankipati with a range of gynaecological and urological concerns. She was recommended by Bupa. Ms Raju was very thorough in her assessment and testing as we stepped through each issue to identify the appropriate test and then treatment. She is genuinely interested in me and my health and very detailed too with her explanations and answers to my questions. I feel very confident and comfortable in her care.

Posted : 15-07-2023
Name : A D
Comment : The whole experience was considerate and extremely professional . Both Dr Coutts and Rekha Dave friendly and efficient and I felt safe in their hands.

Posted : 14-07-2023
Name : L H
Comment : Caring, professional service from first to last. First rate administration and expert medical care.

Posted : 07-07-2023
Name : B O
Comment : I've visited Twice and have no reason not to recommend Rekah makes me feel comfortable although can be a nervy experience

Posted : 24-06-2023
Name : M H
Comment : Excellent treatment. 1st Class

Posted : 23-06-2023
Name : A H
Comment : A very helpful visit, ECG & remarks which clarified my understanding of the situation.

Posted : 13-06-2023
Name : Z A
Comment : Dear Rekha, Thank you very much for taking such good care of me and accommodating me on such short notice. It is always a pleasure coming to you and things are handled very efficiently and promptly and the quality of care provided always leaves me satisfied and assured. Best wishes

Posted : 07-06-2023
Name : S N
Comment : My appointment with Dr. James Coutts was excellent he was very thorough, pleasant and communicative. I was very reassured by seeing him yesterday.

Posted : 17-05-2023
Name : L R
Comment : All very well organised and a pleasure to visit.

Posted : 10-05-2023
Name : J G
Comment : I felt the service given was good and professional. Rheka had a calm demeanor about her, which is what you need when your about to take a stress test. Premises were clean. Location was very central.

Posted : 27-04-2023
Name : A Y
Comment : Fantastic service, very kind and professional in the most relaxing atmosphere, mainly down to the helpful and charming Rekha.

Posted : 27-03-2023
Name : J Y
Comment : I would like to thank you so much for caring and looking after me throughout this entire process. It has been a journey, but I have certainly felt well looked after by you and your wonderful team.

Posted : 22-03-2023
Name : S J
Comment : Great service, I felt comfortable, all staff were kind and i was seen quickly and given my results right away.

Posted : 11-03-2023
Name : K G
Comment : Rekha was lovely and patient with me- quick and straightforward ECG

Posted : 26-02-2023
Name : M M
Comment : Really impressed by the overall service - ease and efficiency of booking, the consultation itself which was informative in a way you can understand, the very prompt follow up

Posted : 23-02-2023
Name : G A
Comment : Excellent service from Cardiac Screen. Quick and efficient with very rapid testing and diagnosis. Highly recommended.

Posted : 22-02-2023
Name : P O
Comment : Excellent service from everyone. Able to provide an appointment next day.

Posted : 09-02-2023
Name : D O
Comment : I am so grateful to have met Dr Rymer. She has the wonderful combination of deep expertise, professionalism, compassion, and empathy. I’d also like to thank Dr. Sultana Hasso and Rekha Dave. You cannot imagine how much positive difference you have made in my life!

Posted : 31-01-2023
Name : W C
Comment : Arrangements were timely and efficient.The premises were clean and tidy at the end of the day.

Posted : 22-01-2023
Name : S D
Comment : Excellent service!

Posted : 05-01-2023
Name : A A
Comment : Amazing service

Posted : 12-12-2022
Name : C H
Comment : Excellent

Posted : 12-12-2022
Name : C H
Comment : I have found the booking for appointments to be very efficient and the staff helpful. The rooms and clean and comfortable for those waiting. The scanning survive is also excellent.

Posted : 09-12-2022
Name : D M
Comment : Thank you for a professional and thorough examination that you kindly fitted around my personal requirements

Posted : 09-12-2022
Name : M B
Comment : A friendly and relaxed environment. Plus a helpful recommendation about an eye hospital.

Posted : 05-12-2022
Name : Z M
Comment : Thank you so much for all the reports etc. You always send them so well, and they are very useful for future reference. Dr Coutts has also given a very detailed report which is clear and easy to understand and follow. Thank you once again Rekha for all your help and positive responses, which takes away half the illness. I really appreciate all that you did for me. Best Regards

Posted : 24-11-2022
Name : p b
Comment : Thank you very much for your support during my medical.

Posted : 16-11-2022
Name : E W
Comment : An excellent and highly professional service. Strongly recommend

Posted : 20-10-2022
Name : A S
Comment : Both Janice and Rekha were lovely when I arrived. Janice made me feels at ease and she really listened to me. I now feel like I'm making progress with my health issues, which I haven't felt so far. Thank you!

Posted : 16-10-2022
Name : F A
Comment : Always courteous and the most charming ladies.

Posted : 12-10-2022
Name : N O
Comment : Very happy with the consultation with information given very clearly and concisely. Came away feeling so much more confident about the future.

Posted : 10-10-2022
Name : Y C
Comment : Excellent service and friendly staff will happily use their service again.

Posted : 03-10-2022
Name : D R
Comment : Have been using Cardiac Screen for many years and have always received first class treatment together with excellent advice and a sympathetic approach to everything I have put before them. Could not have been treated any better wherever I went.

Posted : 29-09-2022
Name : C G
Comment : The practice went above and beyond to facilitate my first consultation during Covid restrictions. Thereafter the treatment options were diagnosed and explained clearly By Prof Rajani and throughout efficiently organised by Rekha. First class care all round.

Posted : 28-09-2022
Name : C A
Comment : I found my consultation with Dr James Coutts excellent. Dr Coutt listened carefully and enlightened me about the process of identifying the cause of my symptoms. I was reassured that l am receiving the correct drug treatment while I await my next investigation. A very reassuring and supportive doctor.

Posted : 02-09-2022
Name : S R
Comment : A professional and highly experienced doctor who has the kindest attitude.

Posted : 20-08-2022
Name : T B
Comment : Excellent service. Very caring and helpful. Efficient at filling prescriptions.

Posted : 11-08-2022
Name : D P
Comment : Consultation by Prof. Ronak Rajani was outstanding!!! Friendly and efficient services by all Team members and Rekha Dave! Thank you very much!

Posted : 10-08-2022
Name : T W
Comment : A welcoming and very professional service. All carried out efficiently and promptly

Posted : 06-08-2022
Name : R W
Comment : My experience with Rekha and her colleagues was fantastic. They went above and beyond to help provide an excellent, efficient and professional service. Would recommend to anyone who is requiring any of the services they provide.

Posted : 04-08-2022
Name : L R
Comment : My personal experience with Dr Stefania Bonaccorso and Mrs Rekha Dave has been always excellent.

Posted : 26-06-2022
Name : a m
Comment : really great service ,thank you once again

Posted : 13-05-2022
Name : E C
Comment : Everyone was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend it.

Posted : 12-05-2022
Name : C L
Comment : What a fantastic clinic.

Posted : 28-04-2022
Name : N A
Comment : I believe that this was the best time I have had while being put under so much pressure, I also think the complete experience was absolutely great and the staff made you feel really comfortable and also helped you relax. A great evening out, thank you.

Posted : 26-04-2022
Name : A S
Comment : I needed to arrange an Exercise ECG at short notice and Cardiac Screen were able to oblige. I was very professionally looked after and my results were emailed to me very quickly. Very friendly team.

Posted : 23-03-2022
Name : G H
Comment : Excellent service as always.

Posted : 19-03-2022
Name : N T
Comment : Excellent experience and very friendly staff

Posted : 15-03-2022
Name : L L
Comment : I came across Dr Bonaccorso by chance, wanted to take an appointment with another Doctor but this doctor was out of town and I decided to book an appointment with her, and to be honest was the best gift or chance God has given me. I could have not asked for a better fit for me. Dr Bonaccorso is warm and welcoming, her friendliness and easy approach makes anyone comfortable. She is very understanding and flexible with her approach. I am very grateful for her and she has lead me to a place where I never thought I would be able to reach ever. I highly recommend her to anyone “Excellent service from Rekha always there taking my appointments on time very kind & friendly

Posted : 14-03-2022
Name : A F
Comment : As usual, Dr Bonaccorso's expertise is of incredible help to manage my mental health condition. I am extremely grateful to have her support. I would highly recommend Dr Bonaccorso!

Posted : 11-03-2022
Name : V G
Comment : Very helpful, considerate and excellent service . I called in for an emergency consultation and was helped and also was followed up to make sure I am OK.

Posted : 27-02-2022
Name : S V
Comment : Excellent! everything from booking the appointment, to the visit was great. Rekha is wonderful and explained everything in details and Prof. Rajani is clear, professional and a great human being. Made me feel at ease and checked how I was doing with a follow up . Excellent service.

Posted : 26-02-2022
Name : Z S
Comment : Dťr Voutts was excellent, he has outstanding bedside manners and answered every question with great patience. I felt he really cared. His assistance Reka did a thorough echogram, was very very thorough when checking my home BP lmachineand her advice when I first phoned was invaluable.

Posted : 25-02-2022
Name : A R
Comment : Rekha made a visit I was dreading into something that was comforting and inspiring. I’m very grateful for the care and compassion she showed.

Posted : 25-02-2022
Name : B T
Comment : I’m so very glad to have and spoken with the staff and Prof Rymer at Balppa House. I found everyone engaging and incredibly helpful with all to advice given.

Posted : 25-02-2022
Name : M F
Comment : Very helpful and accommodating as urgent need to have ore employment tests done.

Posted : 17-02-2022
Name : j h
Comment : Excellent service

Posted : 08-02-2022
Name : J H
Comment : I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their courtesy and professionalism during my stay

Posted : 01-02-2022
Name : M B
Comment : Thank you so much for being so friendly, helpful and professional! The prospect of being unable to work is obviously very stressful but you made it much less so. I appreciate all your help and reassurance.

Posted : 18-01-2022
Name : f P
Comment : One of the best in London Very Helpful

Posted : 14-01-2022
Name : R L
Comment : I have been visiting Cardiac Screen for many years and have always found the care excellent, very efficient and friendly.

Posted : 12-01-2022
Name : C C
Comment : Felt comfortable & well informed during my medical.

Posted : 05-01-2022
Name : B P
Comment : What cost would you pay for complete peace of mind. These guys gave me that peace of mind...Brilliant

Posted : 05-01-2022
Name : K D
Comment : A great service with friendly professional staff

Posted : 22-12-2021
Name : S T
Comment : Firendly and efficient staff with a welcoming attitude and prefessional manner. Will continue to use their services at a heart beat

Posted : 20-12-2021
Name : K H
Comment : I have been coming to the Cardiac Screen for a few years now. And always I have received a very good service at a reasonable price! Many thanks CARIAC SCREEN

Posted : 20-12-2021
Name : K H
Comment : I have been coming to the Cardiac Screen for a few years now and always I have had very good service! Best service and reasonable price! Many thanks to your company

Posted : 17-12-2021
Name : D S
Comment : Many thanks for yesterday's consultation with Dr. Coutts. LINQ device sounds almost too good to be true ! J. Smyth p.p. my wife Diana

Posted : 02-12-2021
Name : A D
Comment : Excellent service

Posted : 30-11-2021
Name : O F
Comment : Very prompt and helpful

Posted : 22-11-2021
Name : I P
Comment : Excellent friendly and attentive service. Would highly recommend their services. Thank you.

Posted : 20-11-2021
Name : M S
Comment : It was a wonderful experience and rakhee was so helpful the price is very competitive the atmosphere was very friendly there are not money hungry people more like they serve your purpose. Many Thanks to all of you.

Posted : 02-11-2021
Name : B O
Comment : Having visited the clinic for exercise test, athough the outcome was not as I expected I was impressed by the professional and caring attitude of all the staff.the information I was given as to the best way forward has undoubted been of great help and possibly avoided a major problem al the best to the team

Posted : 12-10-2021
Name : D G
Comment : Thanks for your help, I had a good session with you.

Posted : 23-09-2021
Name : M N
Comment : Excellent,professional and friendly service.

Posted : 11-09-2021
Name : J F
Comment : Professor Rymer, is a very kind, approachable and very knowledgable. Thank goodness I found her. Help at last!

Posted : 09-09-2021
Name : I M
Comment : Thanks. Such an easy, friendly and efficient process.

Posted : 13-08-2021
Name : S A
Comment : Professor Rajani and Rekha are some of the best professionals I have had the pleasure to meet in the medical industry. The patience, level of detail and rigour coupled with the state of the art equipment does not begin to illustrate the exceptional service provided. I came here after a miss-diagnosis at a Harley Street clinic and was astounded by the consideration and effort shown. Do not be fooled by flagship locations or the value of the service you get here - its worth every penny and more. Ideally one would seek completeness, consistency and continuity from their Dr. Rest assured, they tick every box. Services: ECG, Echo, Bloods.

Posted : 07-05-2021
Name : R I
Comment : Very helpful and friendly staff very pleased with the overall service and experience. Many thanks. Raja

Posted : 06-05-2021
Name : M L
Comment : Very happy with the attention and care

Posted : 17-04-2021
Name : P H
Comment : I saw Dr Bonaccorso in April 2021. My experience with her was fantastic from start to finish. She is professional, decisive and fantastic at her job. I truly believe she may have saved my life. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Posted : 09-04-2021
Name : C O
Comment : I would definitely recommend Dr Bonaccorso. I saw her during a time of crisis and she prescribed me medication which I'm now taking and I trust her entirely. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with her. She strikes me as both extremely well read and with a lovely 'bedside' manner - very kind and approachable - both of which I think are important in a psychiatrist.

Posted : 13-03-2021
Name : J O
Comment : As always, a prompt, clear and most helpful response to my questions. I am most grateful to Dr Coutts & Cardiac Screen.

Posted : 04-03-2021
Name : N L
Comment : Dear Dr Coutts, It was a pleasure to meet with you on Tuesday. Thank you for your insight, kindness, grace and patience in our discussions and for your speedy letter to the GP.

Posted : 02-02-2021
Name : A W
Comment : I cannot fault Miss Raju-Kankipati's care. She explains everything clearly, is to the point and is attentive and thorough. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. She really set me at ease and made me feel comfortable with the whole process

Posted : 01-02-2021
Name : V B
Comment : The telephone consultation was excellent as it answered all the questions I had. Furthermore it also gave me an indication of future treatments that would be very beneficial.

Posted : 17-12-2020
Name : S K
Comment : Was delighted by the service - appointment arranged very quickly with great communication throughout. Would recommend highly.

Posted : 14-12-2020
Name : C N
Comment : Excellent and efficient service. Ms Roja was especially kind, caring and considerate. She was really wonderful in explaining all procedures and expected outcomes. I will seek her out again should I need further assistance.

Posted : 06-12-2020
Name : C N
Comment : Efficient service, friendly staff and excellent consultation.

Posted : 03-12-2020
Name : A B
Comment : Super efficient, kind and helpful staff.

Posted : 01-12-2020
Name : J S
Comment : Very happy to travel from the other side of London to have my ECG carried out both for the professionalism and the reasonable cost, unlike other establishments. My cardiologist is totaly satisfied in the completeness and accuracy of the reporting he receives following my test. Many thanks.

Posted : 30-11-2020
Name : J A
Comment : Professional & efficient service as always. Referred for MRI without hesitation.

Posted : 22-11-2020
Name : M S
Comment : I was extremely satisfied with professionalism and consistent services clinical and administration. The first telephone conversation was reassuring. I was put through Rekha Dave and her Knowledge influenced me to book an appointment for the evening. The screen appointment was thorough, informative feedback. I acted on the advice and did the 24 hour BP monitoring in preparation for consultation appointment. I hugely value Dr Rajani expertise and for the first time realised how little I know despite constantly reading up on BP. I appreciated his patience in listening to my long winded story and his advice on next steps. I left the practice feeling happier, relieved, confident in his advice particularly on medication and need for more detail investigation to identify the primary cause of my BP problem. Reports were concise. The letter to GP was really helpful in that it prompted my GP practice to act swiftly in contacting me and agreeing to writing the referral letter to see a specialist on/at hospital NHS . Thank you Maureen Salmon

Posted : 12-11-2020
Name : N D
Comment : amazing, kind, compassionate and caring staff DRs and Reception. I would highly recommend. Fingers crossed I can get on the road to recovery now. Thankyou for taking the time to listen and put in the appropriate measures.

Posted : 09-11-2020
Name : B W
Comment : Super service, very glad I underwent this heart health check.

Posted : 30-10-2020
Name : T H
Comment : I brought my teenage son along for an ECG as he is a long distance runner and keen sportsman. Dr Dave was reassuring and professional throughout. My son commented that she was 'lovely' and after grumbling about going beforehand, said that he now understands it was important to do. We have a detailed breakdown of the findings, fully explained, for our records. We both would highly recommend.

Posted : 29-10-2020
Name : A T
Comment : Our visit to Cardiac Screen Ltd was an excellent experience. The cardiologist, Rekha, was extremely professional. She was was wonderful with my 17 y.o. child, who felt that Rekha explained what is happening to her very clearly and she felt completely reassured after the test. Both Mr Rajan and Rekha were very efficient and competent. The member of staff at the reception was very polite and helpful. All in all, a great experience.

Posted : 28-10-2020
Name : S E
Comment : Very good service Both quick and courteous

Posted : 13-10-2020
Name : D B
Comment : An excellent, considerate and thoughtful service that is safe and comprehensive

Posted : 09-10-2020
Name : j h
Comment : I dont like to waste anyones time so knowing clearly your communication contact before seeing your person in question makes you feel a lot better!

Posted : 21-09-2020
Name : M A
Comment : Cardiac screen team has always been helpful and prompt in sending letters and helping in resolving matters. I highly recommend this practice to all patients looking for peace of mind and a professional experience.

Posted : 18-09-2020
Name : A P
Comment : A big thank you to Professor Rymer, Ben the anaesthetist and Rekha for excellent care. I have felt supported throughout and my experience has been excellent. I also have to mention the physios who were very caring and Male theatre nurse who was really supportive before I had my GA.

Posted : 17-09-2020
Name : L F
Comment : Feel extremely supported under Rekha and Professor Rhymer’s Care.

Posted : 26-08-2020
Name : O H
Comment : Thank you for dealing with my investigations and treatment so calmly and with such efficiency and thank you for showing so much kindness and empathy.

Posted : 19-08-2020
Name : N M
Comment : Very good service, efficient and helpful throughout the procedure.

Posted : 19-08-2020
Name : P O
Comment : Excellent professional service with exceptional knowledge of heart conditions.

Posted : 14-08-2020
Name : F H
Comment : A wonderful professional service. Friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend!

Posted : 14-07-2020
Name : M D
Comment : Dr Ducci was extremely helpful when I reached out in need of an urgent consultation. She was prompt and empathetic, and she offered an appointment the day after I contacted her. I could then see her and she carefully assessed my situation and prescribed medication as she deemed appropriate. Professional, helpful, and empathetic. Highly recommended! Also well done to Rekha's team who are doing a fantastic job at running Cardiac Screen during the unprecedented difficult times we are all living.

Posted : 14-07-2020
Name : D M
Comment : Prompt service and friendly knowledgable staff

Posted : 09-07-2020
Name : R L
Comment : I have been a patient of Dr Webb-Peploe for many years and have been reassured by his calm and professional expertise. Rehke Dave has also been very supportive and is always available to talk to about any worries.

Posted : 07-07-2020
Name : M B
Comment : Very grateful for the excellent support and reassurance provided by Prof Rymer and team; from the swift and professional response to my initial enquiry; to the prompt appointment time and the immediate report issued.

Posted : 01-07-2020
Name : S S
Comment : Very professional and courteous service. I was put as ease for the whole of my appointment

Posted : 26-06-2020
Name : E J
Comment : Great service, amazing team.

Posted : 25-06-2020
Name : E M
Comment : I had a really positive experience at this centre and I got an appointment very quickly and prices were reasonable as a self pay patient. Rehka was extremely helpful and reassuring throughout all of my tests. She was very efficient and offered me extremely valuable advice and natural remedies and ways of improving my health which I really appreciated. She really listened to me and really cared, previous hospital testing didn't have this personal interest. The advice offered clearly came from a very experienced background. Also the results arrived the next day, I very highly recommend this clinic.

Posted : 05-06-2020
Name : R W
Comment : Excellent service. Rekha was wonderful.

Posted : 29-05-2020
Name : D I
Comment : Top class service. Very impressed by the professionalism of Dr Rajani. Highly recommended.

Posted : 29-05-2020
Name : I F
Comment : Call with doctor went very smoothly.

Posted : 29-05-2020
Name : B W
Comment : They entire team at the facility are superb, they all made me feel absolutely at ease and you couldn’t wish to meet nicer people

Posted : 23-05-2020
Name : B S
Comment : I had a very positive experience with Dr. Ducci, who listened to everything I said and documented my case in detail. She has a lovely manner of interacting with people. I also think the advice that she gave me for treatment was very well considered. I look forward to seeing her again for my next appointment.

Posted : 22-05-2020
Name : M P
Comment : Excellent and professional Service. Highly recommended. Mrs Rekha 5 stars

Posted : 13-05-2020
Name : D C
Comment : I've always received a friendly welcome from all staff. It's easy to book appointments and the medical advice and support from Prof Rymer has been excellent.

Posted : 29-04-2020
Name : D S
Comment : Very efficient service given today, very pleasant people to make you feel comfortable at your appointment.

Posted : 16-04-2020
Name : L H
Comment : I am very impressed by the efficiency of Medical Specialists‘ administration and the professionalism and compassion of Professor Rymer

Posted : 01-04-2020
Name : R S
Comment : Great FaceTime consultation with Prof Rymer this afternoon. She is friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. Plus receives the consultants letter within an hour of the call. Many thanks

Posted : 25-03-2020
Name : A L
Comment : Very happy with the attention and care received from the Cardiac Screen Ltd. The Doctors/Specialists and staff are friendly, professional and very thorough. The centre comes very highly recommended

Posted : 19-03-2020
Name : C G
Comment : Fantastic service and support as always.

Posted : 15-03-2020
Name : L F
Comment : Excellent care

Posted : 09-03-2020
Name : S R
Comment : Hello, I was very happy and impressed with my consultation with Janice Rymer. Sorry for my delay in replying. Very nice coffee too. Thank you.

Posted : 24-02-2020
Name : N G
Comment : I have regularly visited Professor Rymer at Balppa House for over fifteen years, I am extremely happy with the expertise, professionalism and friendly approach. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you.

Posted : 11-02-2020
Name : J O
Comment : Very helpful consultation with Dr Coutts, who is friendly and clear. It was also a pleasure to discuss my situation with Rekha Dave. Altogether a wholly positive experience followed up by a prompt letter with my results clearly set out.

Posted : 11-02-2020
Name : S C
Comment : On two occasions now Miss Raju has transformed me back to health. This has resulted in a better quality of life not only for myself but also for my family. I cannot speak highly enough of Miss Raju's skill expertise. I am eternally grateful to her. Thank you Miss Raju.

Posted : 04-02-2020
Name : D A
Comment : Very professional, high quality service. I had a few appointments at the Cardiac Screen centre and my experience was very good. The appointments have been set seamlessly and they were timely, the consultation was thorough and the follow up was very clear and concise. I highly recommend this clinic and the personnel.

Posted : 31-01-2020
Name : A S
Comment : I was very pleased by Prof Rymer's cheerful pragmatism and sensitivity as well as being hugely grateful for her expertise.

Posted : 17-01-2020
Name : P M
Comment : Very punctual for appointments. Pleasant staff, nice waiting area. Suggest reminding patients with regular annual appointments to book follow up appointment when paying.

Posted : 16-01-2020
Name : M D
Comment : Neat and clean clinic conveniently located a short walk to Borough or Elephant and Castle tube station. Excellent management runs friendly and efficient appointment booking. Never had a cancellation or delay in seeing my specialist. Highly recommended!

Posted : 16-01-2020
Name : C J
Comment : Have been a patient for over 26 years. Consistently superb professional care from Dr Webb-Peploe and the team throughout. Cannot speak highly enough of them. Would recommend them without hesitation.

Posted : 08-01-2020
Name : M H
Comment : " I have been a patient of Dr Webb Peploe for the last nearly 30 years. I have always found him to be a very caring and kind gentleman. He has a genuine interest in his patients welfare. He is very experienced, knowledgeable and inspires faith and confidence in his patients. I am very comfortable under his treatment and wish there were more doctors like him.

Posted : 07-01-2020
Name : C J
Comment : I always receive excellent treatment and service. The staff are always friendly and helpful.

Posted : 07-01-2020
Name : J B
Comment : I have been having annual cardiological reviews with Dr. Webb Peploe for many years now and have always found him to be thorough, helpful and understanding during my consultations throughout this time and I look forward to seeing him again in 2020.

Posted : 06-01-2020
Name : J B
Comment : As always a warm and courteous welcome from the staff at the Cardiac Screen Clinic. Dr Webb-Peploe has a holistic approach and conducts a very thorough examination as well as checking current medication and health in general. He has a professional, kind and warm manner and always has time to answer any questions that one may have. If appropriate he explains why any tests are needed and then later will go through the results in detail. The tests such as Bloods, ECG, Ecocardiogram, Exercise Stress Test, Ultrasound are all conducted very efficiently in house at the clinic. Never hurried - all in all a calming atmosphere in which Dr Webb-Peploe and the clinic gave my wife and me complete trust and confidence.

Posted : 03-01-2020
Name : U E
Comment : Dr Webb Peploe and his entire staff were very professional, kind and friendly. They make you feel quite confident of their professional ability.

Posted : 03-01-2020
Name : C A
Comment : Dr Webb-Peploe and the staff at Cardiac Screen fill me with total confidence. My aortic heart valve replacement was in 2000 (with subsequent pacemaker) and that and subsequent periodic reviews leave me physically fit, playing decent standard tennis, aged 80. All round first rate.

Posted : 03-01-2020
Name : D R
Comment : Had my Annual check in December and Dr. Webb - Peploe was extremely thorough,took due note of everything I told him and ,as usual,made me feel that I could not have had better attention . I have been treated by Mr. Webb - Peploe since 1993 and he has been ,and still is ,the best.

Posted : 03-01-2020
Name : D S
Comment : I made my third visit in 5 years recently to visit Dr Webb-Peploe in London at his clinic . As in previous visits the administrative organization is excellent with Rekha and with a very tight schedule I am always accommodated where possible . These visits are not easy or welcome by the patient(me) but Rekha and Dr Webb - Peploe put me at ease and I know I am In experienced hands and care both before, during and after should i need anything . The clinic performs all tests and checks as advertised and on time , Dr Webb - Peploe is hugely experienced and always direct but reassuring in his examination and analysis . He is hugely comforting and I know I am in the best care . He has me under supervision with medication and I am still active professionally as a result . The consultations are mandatory for my professional life and I will continue to be a patient as whilst the visit is expensive it is very thorough and of the highest quality that I have ever seen around the world in 35 years of flying . I can’t recommend Dr Webb - Peploe & Rekha Dave highly enough if you need cardiology then go to them

Posted : 03-01-2020
Name : B N
Comment : I felt at home talking with the consultant. His professional advise helped me recover faster

Posted : 03-01-2020
Name : S B
Comment : Excellent

Posted : 18-12-2019
Name : S J
Comment : I like to thank the staff and doctor for their support they were very caring professional and experienced in their medical knowledge. They privide annexcellent service for their patients

Posted : 04-12-2019
Name : t s
Comment : Very friendly and prompt service. I would recommend the clinic. Dr Rekha was nice, took time to explain things and seemed knowledgeable

Posted : 12-11-2019
Name : F M
Comment : Thank you for your attention and expert advice. The medication you prescribed me is improving my health a lot and the psychological assistance you prescribed me is going to be very useful for my mental health. Kind regards.

Posted : 08-11-2019
Name : L H
Comment : I found Professor Rymer to be both compassionate and professional. Following my visit she immediately supplied the necessary information and advice to my GP as promised.

Posted : 01-11-2019
Name : L E
Comment : I am very satisfied with everything

Posted : 29-10-2019
Name : T G
Comment : Thank you for a professional and caring service. I am always impressed by professor Janice Rymers patient care and the ability she has to explain diagnosis in a clear and calm way, enabling me to take positive approaches to my own health and well being.

Posted : 29-10-2019
Name : Z B
Comment : Great service , professional and quick

Posted : 05-07-2019
Name : H Y
Comment : Above and Beyond their duties! We would like to thank Rekha Dave & the rest of the staff that took very good care of our father and mother. The staff went above and beyond their duties to make sure he had the best care possible. Very professional & Very efficient. Highly Recommended!! Hassan Y

Posted : 04-07-2019
Name : S M
Comment : Very happy with the thorough and friendly consultation received. Everything was explained in a practical and understandable way and in a welcoming atmosphere.

Posted : 18-06-2019
Name : M Y
Comment : Extremely efficient, professional and caring service as usual.

Posted : 07-05-2019
Name : W G
Comment : Really great and professional help - much appreciated and optimistic about this process

Posted : 27-04-2019
Name : C T
Comment : Professional, caring and extremely supportive team, from original contact to actual consultation. Dr Rymer explained everything clearly and was very understanding. Very personal approach and I can highly recommend the service provided here. Came away feeling very relieved and supported - Superb!

Posted : 18-04-2019
Name : R B
Comment : A Rolls Royce management by Dr James Cootes and Rhekka. Efficient and superb consultation with James Cootes and always reassuring. ,

Posted : 18-04-2019
Name : R B
Comment : Rolls Royce management as usual.So helpful and reassuring

Posted : 25-03-2019
Name : A S
Comment : Very committed doctors with knowledge and interested in your well being. They'll do the best they can to assess the situation and help you in the best way they can. Highly recommend.

Posted : 21-03-2019
Name : T P
Comment : Excellent professional service and treatment. Fast appointment and reporting. Care taken to talk through process and any issues with patient to ensure understanding and any follow up treatment or advice. Highly recommend.

Posted : 07-03-2019
Name : D R
Comment : As always my treatment by Mr. Webb - Peploe and Rekha Dave was excellent. I always feel I could not be in better hands and that I am given the time and opportunity to make sure every aspect of my condition is fully discussed.

Posted : 01-03-2019
Name : M H
Comment : Dr Raju is a no-nonsense doctor who is clear, concise and competent. She answered all my questions and I understand the procedure and the treatment that I received. I would recommend her to any woman in need of a good gynaecologist.

Posted : 01-03-2019
Name : E S
Comment : My visit to Cardiac Screen was very pleasant having received a friendly welcome at reception and the ECG test was conducted by Rekha Dave in a helpful way putting me at ease with a test which can be stressful . the results were explained in a straight forward manner . The report was issued quickly and emailed later which was very efficient . I had a very good experience of this type of test all round , well done !

Posted : 20-02-2019
Name : S A
Comment : I had a consultation session with Dr. Ducci last week and after feeling very depressed with my university studies and future, I experienced some ease and saw my situation from a more positive lens.

Posted : 06-02-2019
Name : S P
Comment : I had a rewarding Skype interaction with Dr Ducci and look forward to meeting with her in person at the Clinic.. Her report and the agreed questionnaire were sent very efficiently. Thanks so much.

Posted : 15-01-2019
Name : A G
Comment : I really appreciate the help and the professionality!

Posted : 05-11-2018
Name : S T
Comment : I was amazed by the professionalism, and feeling of comfort when visiting this place. From the reception staff to the doctor. Fully professional and when I look at it cost friendly. I will definitely use this service again. Thank you

Posted : 29-10-2018
Name : R B
Comment : A very prompt appointment followed by a thorough examination and detailed discussion by Dr Coutts. First class, as before.

Posted : 22-10-2018
Name : M P
Comment : Very professional Consultant. Always available to help with prompt response. I highly raccomend.

Posted : 17-10-2018
Name : D W
Comment : First class treatment and support, couldn't have wished for better

Posted : 16-10-2018
Name : J B
Comment : Excellent professional service. Easy to get to and to communicate with. Thank you

Posted : 12-10-2018
Name : T B
Comment : I received excellent service today from Cardiac Screen. They responded quickly to my initial email and provided an appointment the next day. The receptionist was extremely polite, welcoming and helpful when I arrived. Dr Rekha Dave immediately put me at ease by explaining thoroughly the procedure and potential outcomes. This was very reassuring. The echocardiogram was a painless and quick procedure and I was given the results immediately. This included being shown the images of the heart and then being sent a detailed report of the findings. Rekha Dave was very professional and did all she could to help me relax and reassure. I Would really recommend C.S to anyone with any anxieties about heart conditions.

Posted : 07-10-2018
Name : A G
Comment : Professional, caring supportive staff who cannot do enough for you from the minute you contact the clinic, to walking into the clinic,the receptionist and administrative staff are extremely helpful and the medical professionals caring and put you at your class highly recommend

Posted : 20-09-2018
Name : R A
Comment : Prof Rymer - Very understanding. Pleasant visit.

Posted : 19-09-2018
Name : C A
Comment : I honestly can’t think of any improvements being needed!

Posted : 01-08-2018
Name : D S
Comment : Hello, I was seen by doctor Raju who was very professional. As advised by her, I will have a transvaginal scan and after that she will see me again. Thank you, Doina

Posted : 01-08-2018
Name : J P
Comment : Excellent treatment and rapid feedback. I've been a patient for 13 years.

Posted : 31-07-2018
Name : S C
Comment : Ms Ragu is a lovely person and always takes the time to explain things. I find all the people I have dealt with to be friendly & supportive too.

Posted : 28-07-2018
Name : D P
Comment : Consultations and all Treatments to an exacting high standard. Change nothing!!

Posted : 13-07-2018
Name : G L
Comment : I was very satisfied with the services at the Cardiac Screen Ltd. The Doctors were very professional, and painstakingly took their time to explain in detail what was wrong with me and the options available. They were very thorough, putting me in touch with all the needed Specialist and helping to co-ordinate my reviews. I am grateful especially to Dr R. Rajani, Rekha Dave and Prof. C. Rinaldi.

Posted : 13-07-2018
Name : D P
Comment : Exacting service in quiet privacy - excellent!

Posted : 05-07-2018
Name : H S
Comment : I have been very impressed with the care I have received from Professor Rymer and Ms Dave who manages the appointments. They have been incredibly throrough, caring, responsive and have communicated very effectively with me at all times. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.

Posted : 25-06-2018
Name : J B
Comment : What an excellent service. 24 hour tracing and seeing Dr Coutts all within 24 hours - Rolls Royce. Came away impressed and reassured.

Posted : 22-06-2018
Name : D P
Comment : Excellent professional attention with a special personal approach.

Posted : 13-06-2018
Name : E L
Comment : Hello, I had an excellent experience with Dr Pampaloni whom took time and care with me. I would see her again, she was thorough with her response to my problems and created an action plan in a short period of time.

Posted : 12-06-2018
Name : I S
Comment : Visiting the clinic is always an easy and friendly process.

Posted : 28-05-2018
Name : A N
Comment : Thanks very much, Rekha. I appreciated your professionalism and your very informative approach today.

Posted : 28-05-2018
Name : P M
Comment : You have a wonderful team.! I was very pleased with your warm reception. Dr. James Coutts is a very detailed and very understanding doctor. I was fully satisfied after consulting him.

Posted : 24-05-2018
Name : n h
Comment : very friendly and helpful services

Posted : 06-05-2018
Name : K p
Comment : Rekha she was very helpful. I was very satisfied with the advice, report and service the staff member was very knowledgeable and I would recommend your clinic to all individuals.

Posted : 02-05-2018
Name : d g
Comment : Excellent service, , no long delays and a friendly atmosphere in the waiting area. Plus my results were ready in minutes.

Posted : 09-04-2018
Name : O V
Comment : I had some heart ache and it was the only place which could see me straight away, literally in 30min, they did ECG and reassured me. I went back there to have echocardiagramme and trade mill test done, plus I wanted to have 24h ECG but Rekha reassured me that I dont need it, even though she could have told me to have it done. I would definitely recommend their services

Posted : 25-03-2018
Name : D P
Comment : Highly professional service, as ever

Posted : 23-03-2018
Name : J M
Comment : Superb patient care, great follow up, quick relay of information - worth every penny to this self pay client.

Posted : 23-03-2018
Name : A B
Comment : Very good experience with Dr Raju. Quick and efficient services and taken care well by the staff and the consultant. Very informative session.

Posted : 14-03-2018
Name : R L
Comment : Prompt and great service

Posted : 06-03-2018
Name : S S
Comment : Excellent administrative service

Posted : 06-03-2018
Name : R S
Comment : Very pleasant and attentive doctor, made me feel very comfortable too.

Posted : 27-02-2018
Name : U R
Comment : Friendly, professional and excellent. Nice to be greeted with a smile and the offer of a hot drink.

Posted : 25-02-2018
Name : J M
Comment : Thank you for the excellent service. I managed to get an urgent appointment on the same day that I phoned. I think they even shuffled the schedule a bit just to accommodate me. The offices/examination surgery is just round the corner from Guys Hospital, and allows the Consultants to be flexible and available. I needed a bike stress ECG, and Cardiac Consultant Dr Ronak Rajani and medical assistant Rekha were excellent. We had a good, informative conversation about the test, my heart and my raised cholesterol identified from testing elsewhere. I received a paper copy of my results with 15 mins of end of testing, and later that evening received by e-mail a PDF with all my testing data. Super. Very satisfied client.

Posted : 21-02-2018
Name : D P
Comment : Extremely efficient and highly professional in a tranquil setting. Greatly recommendable.

Posted : 09-02-2018
Name : J G
Comment : Excellent prompt and informative cardiac service. From making contact via email, having tests and getting a result, it took less than two weeks. The clinic is staffed by experience, polite and welcoming specialists who make you feel relaxed & at ease. I waited 2 years to make contact unsure that it was the right thing to do - but have no fears you will be treated seriously & get informative results.

Posted : 30-01-2018
Name : D R
Comment : Cannot speak highly enough.Have received first class treatment for over 24 Years together with prompt,courteous service throughout this time.

Posted : 26-01-2018
Name : K M
Comment : Every interaction has been excellent.

Posted : 24-01-2018
Name : X A
Comment : My experience at Sevenoaks Medical Centre was excellent. I was given really good medical advice by Dr Raju and was provided with good service at the clinic.

Posted : 17-01-2018
Name : E L
Comment : I have always found the service at Cardiac Screen to be excellent, with easy and convenient booking of appointments. My consultant is very kind, caring and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation referring this service to others.

Posted : 16-01-2018
Name : M G
Comment : The staff at Cardiac Screen Ltd are extremely professional and very approachable. They offer efficient services and support to both patients and clinicians. I would fully recommend their services.

Posted : 15-01-2018
Name : D A
Comment : I have had a great experience and would highly recommend with Miss Raju. She is extremely professional, efficient and has made the process a lot easier for me and I appreciate and will never forget this. Denise

Posted : 03-01-2018
Name : I M
Comment : Excellent service. Very efficient and straightforward.

Posted : 02-01-2018
Name : M P
Comment : Thanks! Our lives have been invigorated once again . All because of Dr Webb-Peploe ‘s consoling and reassuring clinical attention on our health. We had at all the time been treated respectfully and cordially by all members at the clinic .

Posted : 17-12-2017
Name : j d
Comment : Kind, supportive, professional prompt care from the moment I walked through the door. Thank you. Appreciated.

Posted : 12-12-2017
Name : I S
Comment : I have had surgery in April and I have been very happy with the care in the hospital and the after care as well. Miss Raju and Rekha are constantly available to answer any of the questions I have. So overall I'm very happy with the service and I thank both of them for the good care.

Posted : 02-12-2017
Name : S M
Comment : Very professional, prompt and efficient service. Everyone were very helpful, informative and kind. Thank you for the great service.

Posted : 30-11-2017
Name : T H
Comment : "I have known Dr.Michael Webb-Peploe for 28 years and been under his care both in his capacity as a world class interventionist cardiologist and in later years for his cardiac and related issues advise.As a diplomat most of that time I have tried to meet him for consultations in London but when that was not possible he has always responded by correspondence to analyze the issues I may have faced, to reassure when that was required and to advice at times on a course of action .Also to recommend leading interventionalists in other countries as far apart as South Korea and Belgium.To give me introductions to specialists there who as they knew and respected him agreed to see me immediately.When my father required treatment I took him twice to London both times under Dr.Peploe's care.When heart surgery was required on the second occasion he went every day to check up on him and I recall that unlike the specialists in the hospital he only charged for the initial and final consultations in his consulting rooms. The Doctor embodies the tradition of conservative, courteous, and skilled English medical care coupled with a mastery of the latest developments and skills.He takes his time in detailed examinations and questioning in the consultations, followed by any further tests required after which on the same day one meets him again for the prognosis and his recommended line of action or treatment. Blood tests are also done in the Clinic with most if not all of the results being available for Dr.Peploe to take into account. Over the years I have got to know the key members of the Team manning the consulting rooms before it took its present incarnation, the Cardiac Screen Ltd. and while there have been inevitably some changes, their hallmark remains cheerful, prompt and efficient service response particularly on the part of Ms.Rekha Dave the Office Manager and the hands on expert for exercise and echo tests. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr.Michael Webb-Peploe, who was educated at Cambridge and the leading cardiologist at St.Thomas's Hospital, to anyone seeking a cardiologist for advice and treatment .

Posted : 16-11-2017
Name : J M
Comment : 10 out of 10 for facilities, service and care at all levels, at all times. From diagnosis to treatment I've received an outstanding professional service that's made me feel like a valued, cared for, patient.

Posted : 09-11-2017
Name : N F
Comment : Being referred to Professor Rymer and her Cardiac Screen backup proved a turning point for our daughter who had a history of niggling gynae problems. Having recently married he is now all clear to have children, which is very important for the couple.

Posted : 01-11-2017
Name : E W
Comment : Really excellent and quick service - thank you so much :)

Posted : 31-10-2017
Name : E T
Comment : Very thorough and calm examination. Good to understand the different things you are exploring and will be good to have follow up appointment to understand the problem / treatment

Posted : 29-10-2017
Name : T W
Comment : I have always received the highest level of service from the Cardiac Screen team.

Posted : 09-10-2017
Name : J B
Comment : High quality, as usual.

Posted : 05-10-2017
Name : N D
Comment : Thanks to Miss Raju and her team who make me feel at ease and provide thorough consultations on each visit.

Posted : 01-09-2017
Name : E G
Comment : Everyone has been extremely helpful and kind. I met with Jackie Ross who was so lovely and explained everything to me and put me at ease.

Posted : 16-08-2017
Name : S A
Comment : I have received a very efficient service from Cardiac Screen and would highly recommend their services.

Posted : 11-08-2017
Name : J G
Comment : Fast, efficient reply to my email. Thanks.

Posted : 11-08-2017
Name : T F
Comment : I first was introduced to the Clinic by my husband in 2007 I have found the friendliness of the staff very calming Their dedication politeness and knowledge of your problem(s) so re assuring I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Cardiac Screening to anyone

Posted : 09-08-2017
Name : c J
Comment : Extremely helpful.

Posted : 03-08-2017
Name : L B
Comment : The service I received from Rekha and the Consultant was excellent. I would highly recommend them.

Posted : 28-07-2017
Name : M L
Comment : Very happy with the entire process from ease of booking appointment and then seeing Dr Rajani who was extremely helpful both during the appointment and afterwards.

Posted : 30-06-2017
Name : D P
Comment : Complete satisfaction with the specialist treatment I have received from Dr Webb-Peploe and Cardiac Screen team for so many years. I have great admiration for the care and deep interest I have received and congratulate you in providing such exacting medical service

Posted : 13-06-2017
Name : S B
Comment : I have been to Cardiac Screen for help with heart arrhythmia. Dr. Webb-Peploe and Ms. Dave have always been so thorough in ordering tests which have been done immediately and have produced immediate feedback. Most recently when I was struggling, I was able to get a next day appointment, and very soon was on a much more satisfactory medicine. This enabled me to get straight back to my work and indeed my life. Dr. Webb-Peploe's knowledge and expertise are not available anywhere else that I have tried. I am very grateful.

Posted : 01-06-2017
Name : A G
Comment : the staff is very freindly and professional.

Posted : 23-05-2017
Name : S B
Comment : Very professional service, prompt responses and friendly staff.

Posted : 17-05-2017
Name : D B
Comment : I was very happy with the service provided.

Posted : 16-05-2017
Name : G E
Comment : I do not normally write feedbacks but I thought that this time I should do it to rate an exceptional service. I had a full hearth check run from Dr. Rekha Dave and Dr. Webb-Peploe. I found them extremely professional, listening to the patient and giving attention to detail. I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Posted : 11-05-2017
Name : P B
Comment : Very warm, professional service by Dr. Monaco and Rekha. I especially appreciated Dr. Monaco's careful and detailed explanations as he walked me through the tests one by one. This type of treatment very important in relieving the natural anxiety that accompanies being subjected to medical examination.

Posted : 03-05-2017
Name : S D
Comment : Excellent administration with Rekha . Dr Webb- Peploe was thorough reassuring and put my mind at rest . This is a stressful event for most and I felt I was well taken care of from start to finish.

Posted : 24-04-2017
Name : L F
Comment : Excellent treatment from everyone involved. I really appreciated the advice, care and information provided as well as the speed with which everything was arranged.

Posted : 19-04-2017
Name : T P
Comment : Professional, efficient and very friendly and helpful. Explained all the tests and results as the tests were done and all major tests carried out in one evening. Very reassuring and accommodating as to time of appointments especially in view of work constraints.

Posted : 14-04-2017
Name : J B
Comment : I have been attending a cardiology review with Dr Webb-Peploe for many years now and have always found Michael, Rekha and all the team most helpful and supportive when dealing with my case. I remain most appreciative and thankful.

Posted : 08-04-2017
Name : L W
Comment : I had a really positive experience at HCA. The staff were wonderful - very empathetic and supportive. I felt very well-informed about what was happening at every step along the way.

Posted : 05-04-2017
Name : G T
Comment : This is the second occasion that I have attended Cardiac Screen and once again I was extremely impressed by their friendliness and professionalism, and most of all by their fantastically good responsiveness and timeliness in being able to set up an appointment within a very short period of time and then get the results immediately.

Posted : 29-03-2017
Name : I S
Comment : Very fast, professional, and efficient.

Posted : 21-03-2017
Name : J A
Comment : Excellent service and very helpful always go extra mile to take care of the patient

Posted : 14-03-2017
Name : T G
Comment : Excellent service and very helpful

Posted : 13-03-2017
Name : S R
Comment : Positive experience

Posted : 11-03-2017
Name : R D
Comment : Excellent service. Thorough with detailed reports and lots of advice. Highly recommended.

Posted : 09-03-2017
Name : M S
Comment : Excellent friendly and efficient service

Posted : 08-03-2017
Name : J B
Comment : Very prompt service Secretarial back up amazing, Thank you

Posted : 23-02-2017
Name : k l
Comment : I am very happy with the service. staff very helpful

Posted : 15-02-2017
Name : L Y
Comment : I am very happy with the service I received at Balppa House. I didn't have to wait; I was received on time by my psychiatrist. In addition, Dr Ducci was very empathetic and helpful. I will recommend it around it.

Posted : 14-02-2017
Name : E C
Comment : Given how overburdened the NHS is, seeking a private appointment with a Gynaecologist was one of the best things I've done. I was listened to, I got a diagnosis that has evaded my GP for two years and I have treatment. The relief this has given me is huge. Professor Rhymer is a wonderfully compassionate gynaecologist and I would recommend her to any of my friends who were looking for treatment. I will be coming back for all future gynaecologist needs.

Posted : 01-02-2017
Name : G M
Comment : Cardiac Screen is an excellent practice offering an impressive range of specialist testing, feedback and treatments by experienced professionals. They are friendly and approachable and I am always happy to recommend their services.

Posted : 30-01-2017
Name : P R
Comment : Excellent service with very thorough testing and a very full explanation of what was found, with easy-to-understand advice for better health. A full printed dossier in PDF format of the results of all that was tested. And nice people, too, with easy, relaxed and very pleasant manners. This was my second year of visiting them to keep a watch on my health. Yes, I'm very pleased to recommend the organisation to anyone who wants to know the state of their health, and to learn if changes are recommended. Thank you very much, Dr Rekha and CardiacScreen people.

Posted : 21-01-2017
Name : I P
Comment : First class and highly professional. I would totally recommend Cardiac Screen to anyone!!!

Posted : 20-01-2017
Name : D R
Comment : As always the attention given me was excellent and every aspect of the various Tests were fully explained. Could not get better treatment .

Posted : 17-01-2017
Name : C Z
Comment : Professional service received from Dr Ducci, highly recommended!

Posted : 13-01-2017
Name : E L
Comment : I have received excellent care at Cardiac Screen and been very happy with the efficiency and friendliness of the service, always with excellent communication. I would happily recommend Dr Bonnacorso and feel very fortunate to have been recommended her as a consultant.

Posted : 03-01-2017
Name : c p
Comment : i think this is the 16th year i have had a medical checkup with this group and i have been consistently impressed with their professionalism and efficiency .i caant recommend them highly enough

Posted : 03-01-2017
Name : B B
Comment : I went to Cardiac Screen for blood pressure and heart tests etc. I was very impressed with the service provided. They were very kind and attentive and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Please feel free to contact me if you wish.

Posted : 07-12-2016
Name : M S
Comment : Whilst there was a short wait for an appointment this was because I wanted to see a specific gynaecologist and was still much quicker than NHS waiting times. The gynaecologist was incredibly knowledgeable about both my endometriosis and menopausal symptoms and took the time to listen to my concerns and offer a treatment pathway I was happy with. Would highly recommend Prof Rymer for either of these conditions.

Posted : 23-11-2016
Name : R B
Comment : A first class service provided by professionals of the highest quality. What is also important is not merely the investigations and the results provided but also the reassurance given to me as a patient and this counts for a great deal. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cardiac Screen for any of my colleagues and friends should they seek advice.

Posted : 07-11-2016
Name : E D
Comment : Miss Raju is one of the best, she is kind, calm and professional. Her anaesthetist Ms Teresa Hunt is one of the nicest people you could meet. Together they are a great team. They looked after me so well, I would highly recommend them. Rekha was always efficient and polite.

Posted : 04-11-2016
Name : U M
Comment : I have been a patient of Dr Webb-Peploe and Cardiac Screen Ltd for twenty-one years now and have nothing but praise for the professional way I have always been handled. And the human touch is amazing; Rekha offers advice and assistance that takes the weight off one's shoulders and attention that makes one feel almost family. Cardiac Screen Ltd would be the practice I will recommend without hesitation.

Posted : 12-10-2016
Name : N A
Comment : I've been a patient of Dr. Pampaloni's for a long time. The whole team at the Balppa House is great. You feel at ease when you walk in, they're ready to help with any questions you may have, and most importantly the quality of care is excellent. It couldn't be better.

Posted : 07-10-2016
Name : D C
Comment : It was very good to meet you yesterday – thank you for carrying out the stress test. I came away very impressed my appointment with Dr Webb-Peploe and with your stress test session (I learned a lot) and I’ll be very happy to recommend you and your practice to my normal AME and any others I come across needing a cardiology appointment for CAA medicals. Many thanks again.

Posted : 18-09-2015
Name : C D
Comment : I would like to thank your team with regards to my mother's care. She has had an undiagnosed problem which has been worrying her for nearly a year. She visited your clinic recently, was given a range of tests and has now been put on the appropriate medication. She has already seen an improvement in her health. Thank you so much for your professionalism and prompt diagnosis. My mother is a born worrier and the team put her at ease immediately. Thank you very much.

Posted : 05-08-2015
Name : L R
Comment : I would like to thank both Dr Rajani and Rekha for the consultation and the tests I had . I found them charming and Professional . Would definitely recommend them .

Posted : 05-08-2015
Name : C C
Comment : I received overall excellent services when I went for medical assessment at Cardiac Screen and was very satisfied and have recommended the clinic to my colleagues and friends

Posted : 02-06-2015
Name : J S
Comment : Excellent clinic, I called about 6pm and was able to speak to Rekha. I was reassured straight away by her knowledge and experience and was able to be seen the next day for tests. My whole experience with Cardiac Screen Ltd was very reassuring and it was a pleasure to meet Rekha. After I saw Dr Coutts in the afternoon I received an email with all my results the same evening. Everything was also promptly send to my GP. Very helpful, friendly and experienced. Thank you

Posted : 07-03-2015
Name : H D
Comment : An excellent efficient and friendly experience at this clinic. Results were e mailed back in one day ,all staff were polite, very professional and caring. I would thoroughly recommend this clinic..

Posted : 24-02-2015
Name : I S
Comment : Excellent service, very friendly and helpful receptionist. Reception area seemed a little "fussy"/cluttered though and outside/entry door could perhaps do with a make over as long as it does not put up consultation prices!

Posted : 09-01-2015
Name : R L
Comment : A first class experience from start to finish. The consultation with Dr Rajani was extremely thorough and conducted in a professional and friendly manner as were the subsequent tests undertaken by Dr Rajani and Rekha. They were able to confirm at the end of the tests that there was no obvious cause for concern which immediately put my mind at rest and followed this shortly after with a comprehensive written report. Would certainly recommend the company to other people.

Posted : 26-12-2014
Name : I M
Comment : Thanks for taking the time to explain things and for making the visit an enjoyable one

Posted : 09-03-2014
Name : A B
Comment : I recently visited the Cardiac Screen Centre and was given an excellent professional service. I am very happy with the service provided, Rekha is knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel at ease. I felt able to ask questions at anytime and I would recommend this centre to others.

Posted : 20-11-2013
Name : A J
Comment : A very friendly clinic in general, fellow patients seemed just as friendly and happy with the service. A relaxing and clean space with the nice addition of hot drinks and snacks for post blood tests! I was extremely pleased with my consultant?s advice, help and knowledge on any matters of concern I had. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

Posted : 26-10-2013
Name : D F
Comment : My experience at Cardiac Screen Limited has been outstanding,mainly due to Rekha Dave.She is extremely professional,efficient and warm and nothing has been too much trouble for her.She puts you totally at ease and is obviously an expert in her field.I have felt nothing total confidence in her and am very grateful for her attention and kindness.I was also impressed and grateful with my interaction with Dr Rinaldi and his input.An extremely impressive team all round

Posted : 13-08-2013
Name : J R
Comment : I arrived very anxious but was quickly put at ease and left the clinic feeling positive and highly impressed with the service I received from each of the staff I met. Rekha: professional, caring, informative, intuitive, wise. An enexpected bonus was her helpful advice given from a wholistic angle, which is very much appreciated. As promised, detailed informative report and helpful advice sheets were emailed promptly following my visit?Very impressed. ?Many thanks.

Posted : 13-08-2013
Name : J S
Comment : I received a wonderful, friendly and efficient service. I would like to thank Rekha in particular for putting me at ease and giving me such helpful advice.

Posted : 08-07-2013
Name : M C
Comment : I found Ms Rekha Dave very professional and really skilled from the moment I spoke with her on the telephone,it was obvious that she is she knows what she is talking about and at the top of her profession.In my case also having on the spot (BNP)blood tests was a bonus other clinics have to send them off to specialists labs,mine was ready in minutes.On the exam its clear that she is very careful and takes her time to be as accurate as possible.The Clinic is great and so is she,I will recommend her and the clinic to anyone seeking fast professional review. 5 stars!

Posted : 01-05-2013
Name : A C
Comment : Warm welcome from receptionist. Friendly and professional examination with consultant which made me feel instantly relaxed. Great follow up and information given on departure, which gave me certainty about what would be happening next. Overall a great service that I would definitely recommend. A.C

Posted : 11-03-2013
Name : C A
Comment : Really great services, camefor one test and did the full revision. The team was lovely and took timeto complete all test wiyhout rushing. Really good! A.C

Posted : 20-02-2013
Name : R A
Comment : Thank you - good, professional service and quick results.

Posted : 07-02-2013
Name : M S
Comment : First class service, thank you for all your help .

Posted : 07-02-2013
Name : B N
Comment : The service provided by Cardiac Screen was second-to-none. The efficient and friendly service exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend the services to other people.

Posted : 09-12-2012
Name : L N
Comment : I found the help and advice from Rekha and the overall quality of service excellent. The comprehensive reports that were emailed to me shortly after my appointment were very informative and helpful.

Posted : 25-10-2012
Name : H H
Comment : Thank you so much to Dr Webb-Peploe and Rekha for the wonderful care you give me. I seem to improve each year. Looking forward to seeing you in 2013. H.H

Posted : 25-10-2012
Name : F O
Comment : I was very pleased to meet Rekha , and thought the whole process was very professional and I would like to come back in 6 months.

Posted : 25-10-2012
Name : R A
Comment : I would say the service is over all very good value, reassuring in my case and informative. I very much enjoyed my visit to Cardiac Screen. Thank you for all the information and being so thorough.

Posted : 25-10-2012
Name : K I
Comment : Thank you very much. I would highly recommend your services. And Dr. Judith Hamilton is outstanding. Thank you very much again for your hard work and approach.

Posted : 17-10-2012
Name : B A
Comment : Thank you for a very informative and enlightening examination at the clinic last Monday

Posted : 17-07-2012
Name : M J
Comment : As usual we were greatly impressed with the comprehensive tests & reassuring advise given to us during our visit by Dr Webb Peploe. Very professional service & the advantage of being able to complete all necessary medical tests in house makes it so convenient & quick.

Posted : 24-06-2012
Name : R P
Comment : Cardiac Screen has provided me with an excellent service. I was given an appointment almost immediately and received a warm welcome from Rekha (physiologist) who has since supported me through the whole process. Having had various tests done by Rekha and Dr Webb-Peploe I received a very detailed report and have been given good advice on the next steps I need to take. Overall, I couldn't have asked for more, they went over and above to put my mind at ease, so a big thank you!

Posted : 14-06-2012
Name : M C
Comment : Staff at Cardiac Scren were courteous and helpful,consultations and tests were conducted in a friendly and efficient manner.

Posted : 11-06-2012
Name : W V
Comment : I have had annual cardiac check-ups for a number of years now and have been very pleased with the skilled care and courteous attention I have received both from Dr James Coutts and from Rekha Dave

Posted : 09-06-2012
Name : m c
Comment : I have been looked after by Rekha and Cardiac Screen (and James Coutts)for years and years, and I have nothing but praise to them for keeping me alive and healthy all that time. Thank you Rekha and James.

Posted : 15-11-2011
Name : D P
Comment : "My experience of Cardiac Screen Ltd was very positive indeed. My consultation was with Dr Webb-Peploe who's professionalism and attention to detail was extremely impressive and as a consequence I felt I was in very capable hands from the outset. Having since read Dr Webb-Peploes CV it is especially comforting to know that my situation was dealt with by such an eminent and experienced individual. Having had the initial consultation I was then put under the spotlight by Rekha as she thoroughly examined my ECG and carried out the echocardiogram examination. Again, I felt I was in very capable hands as Rekha explained the procedures whilst getting the job done. As a commercial pilot my medical is my living and I got the impression that the people at Cardiac Screen understood that. A very pleasant experience and thank you all at Cardiac Screen Ltd."

Posted : 26-09-2011
Name : A B
Comment : Dear All Cardiac screen ltd have been wonderful me,they offer a unique service which is second to none.I have had fantastic service with unparalleled expertise.They helped me win back my proffessional flying medical,with out there help and support this would not of been possible,they fully understood all of the CAA requirements protocols and processes;they stood behind me all the way, providing all the medical evidence that was required and attending meetings on my behalf.Nothing was too much trouble for them.I owe them a big thank-you. I had seen a number of other specialists prior to meeting the team at Cardiac Screen none of them came close to the support of cardiac screen.I would be happy to recomend them to anybody with out hesitation. Regards and Thanks Alastair

Posted : 04-08-2011
Name : J W
Comment : Following a suspected heart last November I had an echo and 24 heart hour monitor and three private consultations with a consultant cardiologist He mentioned the possibility of an operation, but took five months to give me the result of the echo which showed the problem was not nearly as severe as originally diagnosed. This caused me very considerable unnecessary worry. It was wonderful to have such incredible speed and efficiency with so many test done the the same as my my appointment with Dr Webb-Peploe it was really wonderful to have all the results in such detail so incredably quickly. I am really grateful to Dr Webb-Peploe, Rekha and all concerned for their brilliant efficiency, thoroughness, help and kindness. My shattered confidence has been restored. A very bid THANK YOU to all concerned.

Posted : 30-07-2011
Name : S V
Comment : The entrance lobby was a very pleasant. The Receptionist was not fawning over me- she was quite busy typing away. Ms Dave was very proffesional- not overly so. Dr Cotts was making enquiries in other areas of my health apart from Cardiac, which came as a surprise. He seemed to have a Holistic approach. I did debate walking back in as my chest pain came as I walked away from the clinic. But it went away after about 10 minutes. So it was probably just the exercise. All in all a pleasant experience.

Posted : 28-07-2011
Name : N S
Comment : Very good service, suffer from heart palpitations and was looking for a few extra tests to make sure all was well. Sent a email to the clinic on the sunday night and was having my tests by Tuesday afternoon. Doctor was very helpful and explained all my test results and what they meant in detail something which my NHS consultation never did. Overall i am very happy with the service provided by its polite and very professional staff

Posted : 23-05-2011
Name : R S
Comment : I made a call to the Cardiac Screen and spoke to Rekha (Cardio Physiologist), after those brief words I realised was speaking with an experienced, qualified person who not only understood fully the clinical aspects of my case, but listened and engaged with the care and empathy that required attention. Subsequent examinations tests and consultation with her and Dr Webb Peploe, we were able to review and to a certain discredit the inaccuracies and flawed diagnoses of the hospital Cardiac consultants whose reports had risked my career. The subsequent reports and letter written on my behalf captured the essences of what I have been trying to portray for months, but to no avail, as I felt no one was listening. I was exonerated and able to resume my career. This is an excellent centre and from the reception to the medical staff I felt treated like a human being and not a number or an entry on the balance. I have had experience of the USA medical system and not all private practices are the same. A very professional institution with the inbuilt care that one associates with the best traditions of our NHS.

Posted : 18-05-2011
Name : G T
Comment : Big thank you to all of you at the clinic!I was so impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff at the clinic the first day I arrived.I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with heart palpitations couple of years ago.I have done lots of tests to different places and clinics including Wellington hospital but with no success.I have been prescribed beta blockers but they were not the right for me. I came at this clinic with no expectations that this time will be different but I am so grateful i did because now i am free from the symptoms with a relevant therapy. To anyone out there suffering similar symptoms I would highly recommend this clinic.I can honestly say that coming here and meeting Rekha and Dr.Peploe has changed my life.

Posted : 21-04-2011
Name : s t
Comment : The service I have received from The Cardiac Centre, especially from Rekha has been unbelievably amazing! Very prompt, precise, extremely caring and have accomodated my every need, every single time. I have had to contact The Cardiac Centre a few times for my family and I know I would not go anywhere alse! Thankyou very much for all your help and guidance, its been PRICELESS!

Posted : 19-04-2011
Name : D M
Comment : I just wanted to thank you for the top quality care and service I experienced on my visits recently. The examinations were very comprehensive with clear advice on what I needed to do. Regards Dougy

Posted : 30-03-2011
Name : M M
Comment : I was seen very promptly on two occasions at short notice. The apparent drab exterior belies the professional approach inside, where my reception and treatment could not have been more efficient.

Posted : 30-03-2011
Name : M T
Comment : I visited Cardiac Screen's clinic yesterday for tests and consultation and want to say how impressed I was by the efficiency, responsiveness, professionalism and friendliness of the clinic and all of the staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Cardiac Screen to anyone. Thank you to everyone I saw yesteday for handling everything so well.

Posted : 14-03-2011
Name : M R
Comment : The team at Cardiac Screen were extremely efficient in dealing with my request. I had a very pressing need to get tests completely quickly and they put my mind at ease and were able to fit in an appointment and provide my results within 48 hours. Extremely professional and would recommend to absolutely anyone.

Posted : 11-03-2011
Name : M G
Comment : The service I received was excellent, everyone in the team was very friendly, helpful and knowledgable.

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