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Dr Maria De Nettis

I am a General Adult Psychiatrist, working as medical Psychotherapist at Cardiac screen Ltd.

I completed my medical education (2011) and postgraduate qualification in General Adult Psychiatry (2017) at the University of Bari, Italy.

In 2018, I also completed my training in Cognitive, Post-rationalistic psychotherapy at the Istituto di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Post-razionalista, Bari, Italy.

After completing my training in Psychiatry, I started a PhD in Psychological Medicine Research at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience of King’s College London, where I work as Clinical Research Fellow.

Both my clinical and research interest focus on the interplay between body and mind in psychiatric disorders.

Clinical activity

In Italy, I gained experience in General Adult Psychiatry in inpatient settings in Bari. I also worked as both Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in outpatient services for eating disorders, gender dysfunction disorder, anxiety disorders and major depressive disorders.

In London, I regularly see patients with depression and anxiety as part of my clinical research. In particular, I see several patients with depression who do not respond to medications and suffer from immune-metabolic conditions.

I also practice as a private psychotherapist at Cardiac Screen (Ltd). My psychotherapy method focuses on both emotional and cognitive aspects and their effect on the body. It also relies on the concept that one person’s experience is absolutely unique.

Research activity

My PhD and my everyday work focuses on the role of the immune system in psychiatric conditions, such as depression and psychosis, and I am now the Principal Investigator, for King’s College London, of a multi-centre study on treatment-resistant depression in patients with increased inflammation in their body.

I have so far published several articles for international scientific journals and I currently teach MSc students about metabolic abnormalities in psychiatric conditions.