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Timely Heart screening can help!

Healthy Heart leads to overall wellness

Today’s stress-filled lifestyle, sedentary habits, lack of exercise, eating unhealthy junk food have made the threat of heart disease and heart failure problems front and center.  More so if you have a family history cardiovascular disease, you are overweight, a smoker and with excessive alcohol intake, there is emergent need for timely heart screening as well screening for heart failure for enjoying good health and overall wellness.

Benefits from timely heart screening

Statistics say that about 30% of victims with no prior knowledge of their cardiac problems are dead before they reach hospital. Knowledge is power and early detection of any dormant heart disease thanks to timely heart screening can prepare you better to handle all your risk factors including recognizing early warning signs that portend critical situations and able to handle them by seeking timely professional medical care. 

Complete heart screening

A complete heart screening will assess your risk for heart disease by doing a thorough study of 

  • Family history/risk factors

  • Past & present medical history especially for 

    • Diabetes

    • Hypertension

    • Obesity

    • Other diseases

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol usage

  • Diet

  • Present lifestyle 

These data are taken into consideration and your doctor determines what kind of heart screening is needed for accurate assessment/treatment of your cardiac status.

Taking cue from regular heart screenings

How to know whether you have diabetes or hypertension? Especially in early stages, they are undetectable. Undetected and untreated diabetes and hypertension play havoc with your heart and blood vessels. That is why early, timely heart screenings are so important. Your risk factors for any silent killers that create complications like heart failure, kidney damage, loss of vision, stroke, heart attack, paralysis become known to you and your medical advisor and are treated successfully. 

Crucial to have heart screens

By ignoring early signals that indicate system malfunction, you can land into multitude of problems which can be avoided with timely heart screenings. How do you know that your shortness of breath, racy heartbeat, or that bloated feeling with constant fatigue and weight gain can be symptoms of heart failure except with a screening for heart failure?

Right path to overall wellness

Imagine a medical contingency of heart failure happening to you? How much medical expenses, mental stress and physical discomfort result? Early and timely screening for heart failure and other heart screenings at dependable medical clinics like Cardiac Screen Ltd can avoid this and help greatly for your heart-health and overall wellbeing!