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Why You Should Have Heart Screening Now!


We all know how important it is to take care of our health, but it is all too easy to put off going to the doctor. If you need a little extra convincing in order to make an appointment for heart screening, here are some good reasons to do it now.

Seeing a Psychiatrist


Going to see a psychiatrist can seem different from seeing any other kind of medical specialist, but the experience can actually be very similar. Your psychiatrist is a fully qualified doctor who will ask about your health, prescribe medication and talk to you about your health and wellbeing.

When is a Carotid Doppler Scan Needed?


he carotid Doppler scan is a special type of ultrasound that can measure the flow through the arteries that carry blood to your brain.

Boy or Girl? Finding Out the Sex of Your Baby


One of the biggest moments of having a baby has always been finding out if it’s a boy or girl. However, now that we have ultrasound we don’t have to wait till the birth.

Portable Monitors for Taxi Driver Medicals


Most of the tests that are required for your taxi driver medical can be performed while you are at the clinic. However, you may sometimes be asked to wear a portable device so that your heart can be monitored over a longer period.

What Heart Tests Are Included in Sports Screening?


Cardiac tests can play an important part in sports screening as they can detect issues that could impair your performance or even put your life at risk.

The Best Ways to Interact With Your Baby Before Birth


You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to get to know one another. You can see your baby with a private pregnancy scan at our London clinic, and have fun trying these other ways to interact.


Questions About Carotid Artery Disease


Carotid artery disease is one of the most common causes of strokes. Although many people aren’t aware that they are affected by it until after they have a stroke, it is sometimes detected earlier by tests such as the carotid Doppler scan. If you’ve been diagnosed with carotid artery disease, whether or not you’ve had a stroke, you probably have some questions about the condition.


What Happens When You Have an Ultrasound Scan?


If your doctor has recommended an ultrasound at our London clinic, you may be wondering what will happened when you come in for the scan.


How to Have a Heart Healthy Christmas


The festive season can be a real challenge when you have a heart condition. Here are some tips for looking after your heart this Christmas.


5 Heart and Lung Tests for Athletes


A wide range of different tests can be conducted during sports screening in London. Your sports screening at the London clinic may include specialist tests to check how well your heart and lungs are coping with exercise.


Getting Additional Ultrasounds During Pregnancy


Most women will only need two or three ultrasounds during pregnancy, but in some cases it may be necessary to have more.


Timely Heart Screening Can Help!


Today’s stress-filled lifestyle, sedentary habits, lack of exercise, eating unhealthy junk food have made the threat of heart disease and heart failure problems front and center.


Aneurysm & Heart - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment


What is an aneurysm? Are aneurysms life-threatening? Know about the common causes for aneurysm and heart problems result from unhealthy life style. See the symptoms, treatment options & preventive measures of aneurysm.


Benefits of Regular Cardiac Tests


Many of us do not go to hospitals or visit doctors unless we are unwell. But with increasing incidence of life-threatening scenarios at home and workplace with heart disease as the leading culprit, a proactive approach to heart-healthcare is needed.


3 Tests You May Need After a Stroke


If you've had a stroke, you will probably have had lots of tests while you were being diagnosed and treated. However, your doctor will probably want to conduct plenty more tests to monitor your recovery and to assess the impact of the stroke on your body.


Cardiac Screening in London


Cardiac screening includes a range of tests that can assess your risk of heart disease or detect the earliest signs that something isn't right. Anyone can benefit from heart screening, but it is particularly important if you are at high risk of heart disease.

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