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What Happens When You Have an Ultrasound Scan?

If your doctor has recommended an ultrasound at our London clinic, you may be wondering what will happened when you come in for the scan.


Preparing for the Scan

You won’t usually need to prepare for an ultrasound scan, but your doctor may recommend coming to the clinic with a full bladder if you are having a routine pregnancy scan. You should also wear something that is easy to remove from the area being scanned.

Arriving at the Clinic

When you come in to the London clinic for an ultrasound, you should let us know when you arrive, just as you would for any other appointment. You will be guided to the consultation room, where you will have a chance to talk to the doctor or sonographer who will be performing the scan.

Having an Ultrasound Scan

The procedure in the consulting room will depend on which kind of ultrasound scan you are having, but usually:

  • You will need to remove any clothes covering the area to be scanned
  • You will be asked to sit or lie down on the couch in a position that allows the scan to be performed
  • Gel will be applied to your skin in the area that is being scanned to help the ultrasound probe get a clearer picture
  • The ultrasound probe will be passed over your skin, sending out ultrasound waves and collecting the echoes that bounce back from inside your body
  • The ultrasound pictures will appear on the monitor attached to the ultrasound machine

The length of the scan will depend on the reasons for performing it, but it will usually take less than half an hour.

After the Scan

The sonographer will help you to wipe off the gel from your skin. You will then be able to get dressed and go home. Ultrasound is very safe, so there is no need to worry about any side effects. Your results should be available soon, but you won’t usually get them instantly. The doctor will need to take some time to review the scan results in order to provide the best advice to you.