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What Heart Tests Are Included in Sports Screening?

Cardiac tests can play an important part in sports screening as they can detect issues that could impair your performance or even put your life at risk. Your doctor can provide personalised advice on which tests you should have during the screening process, which could include the following checks for your heart.

Cardiac Tests for Athletes

There are two main heart tests that are often conducted as part of sports screening in London:

1. ECG or Electrocardiogram:

The ECG is a test that measures the electrical activity inside your heart that controls the way it beats. It can detect any problems with the rhythm of your heart that could affect your performance or health while exercising.

The ECG comes in three different forms. Your doctor might recommend having one or more of these tests as part of your sports screening at the London clinic:

  • The resting ECG is conducted while you are lying down. It can detect issues with your heart beat while you are relaxed.
  • A stress or exercise ECG is conducted while you are running on a treadmill. It can detect issues that only show up when your heart is under the same kind of physical strain as it would experience while you are training or competing. It can therefore be a particularly important test for athletes.
  • An ambulatory ECG is a longer test that requires you to wear a portable monitor, usually for 24 hours. You’ll go about your normal routine then return the monitor so your results can be checked. The ambulatory ECG can reveal problems such as arrhythmias that only happen occasionally and which may not show up while you’re at the clinic.

2. Echocardiogram

The other common heart tests conducted as part of sports screening is the echocardiogram. It is an ultrasound scan of your heart that allows your doctor to check it’s form and function. An echocardiogram can identify structural problems or issues with the way your heart beats that could be putting you at risk.

Other tests conducted during sports screening in London can also reveal information about your cardiovascular health. The blood tests, physical exam and other tests will check that your heart is ready to work out.