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What to Expect from a Late Pregnancy Scan?

Many women will have their final ultrasound scan at around 20 weeks and then wait to see their baby until the birth. However, you may want to arrange a later private pregnancy scan at the Cardiac Screen clinic in London. Later scans can be important if there is a chance of any health problems, but they can also be another opportunity for you to see and bond with your baby.

Should You Have a Late Pregnancy Scan?

Although most women won’t need to have a scan in later pregnancy, there are some reasons why your midwife or obstetrician may recommend having some extra ultrasounds:

  • Your pregnancy bump isn’t as large as expected so it’s needed to check on baby’s growth.
  • You are at higher risk of complications, for example due to your medical history or a condition like high blood pressure.
  • You are expecting twins or more and the doctor wants to keep a closer eye on the babies.
  • You or your antenatal care team are concerned or anxious during later pregnancy.

You can also arrange a private pregnancy scan in London at any time if you want to check in on your baby. You don’t need to have a medical reason to do so, as a pregnancy scan can be a great way to reassure yourself or to bond with baby. Ultrasound scans are very safe so there is no need to worry about having extra scans during pregnancy, even if it’s just to take another look at your baby.

What the Scan Can Reveal?

The most common reason for having an ultrasound in later pregnancy is to check on the baby’s growth. However, the scan can reveal a lot about your baby’s health. During your private pregnancy scan in London, the doctor or sonographer will be able to check:

  • How well your baby is growing (especially if your bump isn’t as large as expected)
  • Whether there is the right amount of amniotic fluid
  • The position of the placenta and whether it is working properly
  • The position of the baby as the due date approaches if there is a chance of being breech or transverse
  • Your baby’s health and heartbeat