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Choose all symptoms that apply:

Ankle Swelling
Back Pain
Blood in the Urine
Blurry Vision
Chest Pain
Cuts / Bruises Slow to Heal
Difficulty Breathing
Discomfort or Pain When Sitting
Erectile Dysfunction
Extreme Fatigue
Fatigue or Confusion
Feeling Hungry
Feeling Restless
Feeling Thirsty
Frequent Need to Urinate
Infrequent Dizzy Spells
Irregular Heartbeat
Jaw Pain
Pain in Left Chest
Pounding in Your Chest, Neck or Ears
Radiating Pain in One or Both Arms
Severe Headache
Severe Pain in Lower Back
Shortness of Breath
Tingling in the Hands / Feet
Unplanned Weight Loss
Vision Problems
Weak or Interrupted Urine Flow
Weight Loss

About Us

The Cardiac Screen clinic is an independent medical clinic in London that provides specialist cardiac care and heart screening alongside private gynaecological and psychiatric services.

Our clinic serves everyone from expectant mothers to sports professionals who want to maintain their peak physical performance.

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Why Choose Us

  • Same Day / Next Day consultations by our medical specialists team.
  • We use the latest equipment to diagnose and treat patients.
  • We provide effective and responsive high quality cardiac care.
  • We are a CQC approved clinic.
  • We provide an integrated multi disciplinary service to minimise disruption to our patients.
  • Outstanding patient care and innovative medical treatments.

Client Reviews

“ Having used their services for a number of years I cannot praise highly enough the professionalism of the team at Cardiac Screens, prompt , polite and highly reassuring in an age of uncertainty in healthcare. ”

- David Chipping

“A good center that cares about patient.

They called me just a few hours later and helped me .

I recommend it to all “

- David Chipping

“ Excellent service, no long delays and a friendly atmosphere in the waiting area.

Plus my results were ready in minutes. ”

- David Chipping

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