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One of our key goals at Cardiac Screen is to provide our patients with a one-stop clinic where they can receive all of the services that they need. The one-stop approach enables us to support our patients from the initial consultation right through to their final treatment.

Our one-stop approach is based on the belief that our patients deserve to get the treatment they need without being referred on to a new clinic every time they need a test performed. We take our patients through the whole process of diagnosis and treatment, in one place. All of our non-invasive cardiac tests, ultrasound scans, blood tests and consultations are performed at our London clinic. Occasionally we do have to refer a patient on to one of the NHS or private hospitals where our consultants have admitting rights, but we will only do this when an invasive procedure is required that we can’t perform on site.

The one-stop approach simplifies the care process for our patients. While other clinics are forced to send patients elsewhere to have their blood drawn for testing or to undergo vital diagnostic procedures such as ECGs, we provide as much as we can under one roof. Our patients can often make all of their appointments at one convenient address, where they will be greeted and treated by the same people. We find that the one-stop approach enables us to provide the highest quality of individualised care and that our patients find it less stressful, less disruptive, and much more convenient.

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