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Pilot Medicals

A medical certificate is required in order to hold a pilot’s license in the UK. If you want to fly privately or professionally, you will need to be certified fit by a doctor when you apply for your first license, and then at regular intervals for as long as you hold your license.

An applicant for a Private Pilot’s Licence must be at least 17 years old. A Class 2 Medical Certificate will be required while completing the training for this category of licence which includes a complete medical examination by UK CAA approved Aeromedical Examiner (AME)

Download CAA Medical Certificate Validity table

The medical examination includes:

  1. Physical examination 
  2. Eyesight examination 
  3. Hearing test 
  4. Resting Electrocardiogram 
  5. Lung function test
  6. Routine Urine 
  7. Blood Pressure 
  8. Routine Blood tests 

If after your routine medical examination, your AME finds that there is any abnormality detected on your resting ECG or the physical examination he will, according to the European regulations and CAA guidance recommend you to see a Cardiologist to exclude any underlying heart disease.

At Cardiac Screen we have experienced cardiologists recognised by CAA who understand the requirements in order for you to acquire or re-validate your license.  You will be required to undergo a complete cardiac medical examination by the recognised CAA Cardiologist. 

The examination includes of:

  1. Complete Medical history which includes symptoms, nature of condition, circumstances surrounding the onset, precipitating factors.
  2. Clinical Examination with a complete cardiovascular risk assessment.
  3. Blood tests for liver, kidney, cholesterol, complete blood count and diabetes to confirm normal organ function.
  4. Resting Electrocardiogram  (ECG) 

The following test would be carried if indicated: 

  1. Exercise Tolerance Test (Stress ECG)  
  2. Echocardiogram (Ultrasound of the heart) 
  3. 24 hours ambulatory Blood pressure or ECG 
  4. Coronary angiogram 
  5. Cardiac MRI, Myocardial perfusion scan(MPS) , Stress Echocardiogram (dobutamine or exercise) or  CT 

Where investigations are abnormal or borderline, the Cardiologist will administer treatment and will go through a plan of management and follow-up if necessary.

Pilot medicals are an important part of the licensing process and they will help you to stay fit to fly for as long as you want to be in the air. As well as your initial medical and the required renewals, you should also seek medical advice if your health changes, as you may need to be assessed again in order to keep flying.

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