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How Can You Avoid a Stroke?

Stroke is the third most common cause of death in the UK. We all need to be aware of the signs and what to do if someone is having a stroke. However, we should also be taking steps to protect ourselves by reducing the risk of strokes. Up to 90% of strokes could have been … Read More

How to Protect the Elderly During Cold Winter Months?

Winter can be a tough time of year for many of us but it can be particularly harsh for older people. It is important for older people and their families or carers to be aware of these risks and what can be done to protect elderly health in winter. There are many steps you can … Read More

Symptoms of a Stroke

A stroke happens when there is a blockage in the blood vessels that supply part of your brain. The effects can depend on how long the blockage lasts and which part of the brain is affected. It’s important to be aware of the signs of a stroke so that you can seek help right away … Read More

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

A heart attack is a potentially life threatening condition that can happen when the blood vessels that supply your heart muscles are blocked. If your heart muscle isn’t getting enough blood then the tissue can be starved of oxygen. This can cause a variety of different symptoms. It is important to be aware of these … Read More

What is Involved in Gynaecology Screening?

If you’re visiting Cardiac Screen for gynaecology screening you might be wondering what to expect during the examination. Many women feel anxious about gynaecological check-ups or worry that they might need to have painful tests. Finding out a bit more about gynaecology screening should reassure you that it will be just as safe and simple … Read More

Is Mental Health Illness on the Rise?

Mental health is an issue that has become much more visible in the media in recent years. We hear a lot more about it now than we did in the past. Does this mean that mental health issues are becoming more common?

Do You Only Have to Do Exercise to Lower Your Cholesterol?

Exercise can play a significant part in lowering your cholesterol, but it is important to consider your diet too. In some cases, your doctor might also recommend medication to help with your high cholesterol or other issues that are affecting your heart health.

What Are the Different Types of Ultrasound?

Ultrasound scans can reveal a lot about your health. We can use different types of ultrasound to investigate different parts of your body or even to see a developing baby in the womb. Cardiac Screen can perform all of these different scans at our private ultrasound clinic in London.

Is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Rare in Young Adults?

Anyone can have a sudden cardiac arrest, but it’s much more common in some age groups than others. Sudden cardiac arrest is rare in young adults, but it does happen. Many people – especially young people – aren’t aware they have a risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Sometimes, the only way to find out if … Read More

Heart Attack Symptoms

Most of us are aware that the main sign of a heart attack is chest pain, but that doesn’t mean that we’re always able to recognise the symptoms in ourselves or others. Heart attack symptoms can vary and they may include less obvious signs such as fatigue, sweating and nausea. Keep reading to find out … Read More