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Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

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We provide prive pregnancy care consultations with the consultant, Screening, ultrasound scan work-up, pregnancy test, relevant blood tests, semen analysis, clinical pregnancy scan and any other related treatment services.

Some of the services we offer are:

Ultrasound scan with an antral follicle count (AFC):

We offer a consultation with the consultant, an ultrasound scan is where the antral follicle count AFC will be determined. AFC provides one of the best estimates of ovarian reserve. The results of the ultrasound scan will be discussed along with all previous medical history allowing an appropriate plan for future investigation or treatment.

Ovulation induction & cycle monitoring:

This form of treatment may be suitable for women who have irregular or unpredictable ovulation. Regular blood hormone tests coupled with Transvaginal ultrasound scans which help to pinpoint the fertile time in a female’s cycle therefore improving her chances of conception.

Such monitoring may also involve the administration of fertility drugs to encourage egg development. Once the egg(s) are released from the ovaries (either naturally or after a trigger injection) the timing of sexual intercourse can be advised.

Consultation and fallopian tube patency test (HyCoSy):

This is designed for women who have concerns about their fallopian tubes. A dye is passed through the fallopian tube under ultrasound guidance and each of the fallopian tubes is assessed for adhesions and blockages etc. The technique is called Hystero salpingo-contrast Sonography (HyCoSy). The consultant will be able to let you know from the results, the wider implications for fertility and fertility treatment.

Ovulation Induction Treatment:

Ovulation induction is suggested for women who haven’t yet reached menopause but aren’t ovulating. We only suggest a minimal drug regimen if absolutely necessary, so fertility drugs are not our instant answer to lack of ovulation.

We begin by using ultrasound to see whether there is a follicle maturing. We would then use the information from your ultrasound to recommend either natural ovulation, tablets or a series of injections to encourage your body to produce a mature egg. Then you can either use natural timing or another injection to trigger ovulation at exactly the right time. This means that you have the best chance of getting pregnant without any further medical intervention. This treatment is often successful and is used as the first option when treating infertility due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or other conditions which inhibit ovulation.

Ovulation induction treatment is often the preferred fertility treatment for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, but it is also appropriate for women who are not ovulating for various other reasons. However, it is important that women opting for ovulation induction have not begun the menopause.

Ovulation induction is not invasive and regular monitoring with ultrasound and hormone measurements ensures that we can catch ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) early and ensure that only one or two follicles are developing. As women with PCOS are often sensitive to fertility drugs, more than one egg may be produced which leads to twins or triplets.

Long use of the medicines involved in inducing ovulation can have a negative effect on the lining of the uterus, so we check that during our monitoring processes too. If we do notice any damage, we offer another medication to continue with the treatment without any additional risks to your health.

If three treatments of ovulation induction hasn’t resulted in a pregnancy through natural insemination, the consultant will discuss other options.
Our experienced consultants will provide a full range of alternatives based on your causes of infertility, your health, and the possibility of getting pregnant with each treatment and will also explain all of the risks of each treatment to ensure that you fully understand the procedures before you commence treatment.

If you are concerned about your fertility, but unsure about what action to take, you would benefit from a consultation with our experienced doctors who can carry a full examination and thereafter discuss the different types of treatments available and will advise you which one is best suited for you.

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