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24hrs ECG + Ambulatory Blood Pressure (2in1)

This is performed using the 24 -hour ambulatory "Novacor Duolter Monitoring System". Combined in one unit: is a ECG holter and an ambulatory manometer synchronised by a shared internal clock. It has the capability to either record a continuous ECG using two channels, or the blood pressure for programmable periods, or both at the same time.

The Duolter unit weighs less than 300g, and contains the electronics and the pneumatic pump. The unit is attached to the patient via a rubber tube joined to the cuff and one multiwire cable connected to the electrodes of the ECG.

The detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea can also be carried out using the Vista 24 hour ambulatory ECG or the Duolter (24 ECG+BP)

Cardiac CT & MRI Scan

We are now providing cardiac CT and MRI scan services. Please click below to find more information.

Cardiac CT Scan MRI Scan

ECG + Ambulatory Blood Pressure Test


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Cardiac at Home Services

Our unique cardiac at home service means we come to you to perform this test in the comfort of your home.