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Sports Screening in London

Whether you take part in sport competitively or you simply take your fitness seriously, a sports assessment tailored to your needs can show whether you are in optimal health to meet your goals. Even if you feel in fit and well, sports health screening is helpful if you are struggling to improve your performance, as it can find any underlying medical problems that may hinder your progress. The screening tests can show whether there are any conditions that intense exercise may exacerbate. Taking a sports focused health check is therefore an essential aspect of any athlete's training programme and if you would like to make an accessment in London, Cardiac Screen Ltd offers a sports performance profile, which provides a relevant analysis of your physical health.

Sports Screening Tests

At Cardiac Screen Ltd you will receive a thorough analysis of your blood work and the option to have extra cardiac monitoring. A selection of the tests included in screening are discussed below.

As a range of medical conditions can interfere with your ability to meet your full sporting potential, blood tests are a starting point to identify a possible problem affecting your organ systems. For this reason it is beneficial to assess your kidney and liver function, as well as your cholesterol profile as a marker of your circulatory health. A problem with your liver can make it difficult to process waste products, while a kidney dysfunction means that waste products aren't efficiently removed; in either situation the buildup of these substances makes it difficult to exert yourself. Similarly, if your circulation is poor, not only is there reduced removal of the products of metabolism from your muscles, which can lead to fatigue, but their supply of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients is impaired, limiting the rate at which your muscles can respire.

Iron deficiency anaemia is another imbalance that can lead to reduced performance. This form of anaemia is significant for athletes, as a deficiency of iron impairs haemoglobin production, which limits the transport of oxygen to your respiring muscles and the amount of physical work you can do. Although anyone who pushes themselves hard in training can develop this, female athletes are at particular risk of anaemia, especially if you have a strict vegetarian diet. If you suffer from tiredness and breathlessness, getting this test is therefore vital as part of your sports screening; London based Cardiac Screen Ltd recognises this, so includes an anaemia screen as part of its standard sports assessment to show whether you need to up your iron intake.



Even though antioxidants may play a role in protecting against chronic health problems, such as heart disease and cancer, athletes particularly benefit from knowing whether their blood levels are sufficient. This is partly because exercise generates greater quantities of free radicals, which antioxidants help to neutralize, but also antioxidants aid your muscles to recover following training or competition. Finding that you have suboptimal antioxidant levels allows you to take action by increasing your dietary intake of antioxidant-rich foods and considering a suitable supplement.

A strict training diet that focuses on carbohydrates and lean proteins can leave you short on essential fatty acids if not properly supervised. However, as essential fatty acids are needed for every cell in your body, including those of your muscles, this can leave you prone to muscle damage and injury. The role that essential fats play in cognitive function can also leave you struggling with factors such as judgment, motivation and mental grit if you aren't getting enough from your diet. Luckily, a simple blood test to check levels of essential fatty acids is offered at our sports screening clinic in London, which can show whether you need to supplement your diet.

If you suffer from palpitations during exercise, you may wish to opt for an ECG, or better still an exercise ECG as part of your sporting performance assessment. However, even if you are not aware of any cardiac problems triggered by exercise, consider an ECG, echocardiogram or cardiac event monitoring, as these tests can reveal potentially dangerous arrhythmias or congenital problems that if left untreated may result in sudden cardiac death.

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