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Private Pregnancy Scan

Although scans at 12 and 20 weeks are offered routinely, and additional scans are available when there is a clinical need, there might be times in your pregnancy when you would also benefit from a private pregnancy scan. You may opt for an early pregnancy scan to check that all is well during the first trimester, though ultrasound imaging in the latter part of pregnancy is also important to monitor any issues picked up in the initial stages. If you are looking for an abdominal or transvaginal private pregnancy scan in London based Cardiac Screen Ltd offers these imaging studies as part of its gynaecological services.


Early Private Pregnancy Scan in London

If you have a history of infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or other problems during the first trimester, it can seem a long wait till the scan at 12 weeks to confirm that your pregnancy is viable and your baby is developing as expected. Similarly, if you have experienced spotting or cramping during your pregnancy, these symptoms can cause anxiety. Choosing to have an early scan helps to ease some of the worry associated with previous pregnancy complications and concerning symptoms. Usually, the best time to have an early pregnancy scan is around 7 weeks, as by this time your baby's heartbeat is detectable, offering welcome reassurance when seen on the screen. However, you may be advised to have an earlier scan if there are concerns about the position of the pregnancy, as signs such as abdominal pain and bleeding from 5 weeks indicate a possible ectopic pregnancy, which needs prompt investigation, as if allowed to progress is potentially life-threatening. At such an early stage it is often not possible to perform an abdominal scan, as your uterus is still low in your pelvis, in which case a transvaginal scan is necessary, which places an ultrasound probe within your vagina to produce a clearer image.

Besides identifying possible problems with the foetus or implantation, if you opt for an early private pregnancy scan in London imaging facilities can identify any anatomical problems within your pelvis that may cause an issue during pregnancy. For example, although many women with fibroids go on to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, fibroids can increase the likelihood of miscarriage, early labour and a baby in breech position, so if fibroids are identified you may require specialist care. Alternatively, cysts that may cause bleeding, or an unusually shaped uterus that can affect your baby's position and delivery, can also be detected from an early private scan, so that it is possible to initiate the necessary management as required.


Private Pregnancy Scan in Second or Third Trimester

For couples who do not want to wait till 20 weeks to find out the sex of their baby, it is possible to find out this information from a private ultrasound taken after 16 weeks. Equally, couples may wish to see their baby again before the birth, so choose to have an additional scan privately during the third trimester. However, for facilities dedicated to identifying medical problems through scanning, this service is not always available. If no health issues were detected at your 20 week scan, you may decide that you were happy with the single private pregnancy scan you had during the first trimester, though if any medical problems are picked up during the anomaly scan, you may opt to continue to receive your antenatal scans privately.

Choosing Your Private Pregnancy Scan in London

With a range of health providers offering a private pregnancy scan in London parents-to-be may struggle to know which ultrasound facility to choose. While the ultrasound equipment used does vary between services, when you pick Cardiac Screen Ltd, you can be certain that we use state of the art ultrasound machines to offer high quality images, showing all the detail necessary to make an accurate diagnosis if any problems are present. If you would like to arrange a private pregnancy scan with us, phone for an appointment today.

Couples look forward to seeing pictures of their unborn baby when they attend for an ultrasound scan during pregnancy, but it is important not to forget that ultrasound imaging also plays a vital role in detecting foetal anomalies and structural problems in a woman's pelvis.