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Benefits of Regular Cardiac Tests

Utilizing Heart Screening & Cardiac Tests for Proactive Healthcare

Many of use do not go to hospitals or visit doctors unless we are unwell. But with increasing incidence of life-threatening scenarios at home and workplace with heart disease as the leading culprit, a proactive approach to heart-healthcare is needed.  Regular heart screenings and cardiac tests help greatly in detecting early silent killers like hypertension, high cholesterol and other heart diseases. 

Early detection, early treatment

What are health screenings? It is a way of diagnosing disease without obvious symptoms or signs of the disease. Diabetes and hypertension are two diseases with no overt symptoms in early stages. Especially if you have family history of cardiac disease and/or diabetes, cardiac tests and heart screenings can help in early detection and prevention of complications and avert any resultant heart damage.

Risk factors & heart function

Your heart health depends on a number of factors. There are some unchangeable risk factors like 

  • Sex

  • Age

  • Family history

Other risk factors can be

  • History of diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Hypertension

  • Unhealthy life style - like 

    • Smoking

    • Excessive alcohol intake

    • Stress

    • Sedentary life

    • Rich food intake

Depending on your symptoms, your medical history and risk factors, your doctor will decide on what cardiac tests need to be done and what kind of heart screening will benefit you. 

Types of cardiac tests

Cardiac tests help in stratifying patients at risk for coronary artery disease resulting in cardiac death or heart attack. There are both invasive and non-invasive cardiac tests. Some non-invasive heart screening tests are:

Invasive cardiac test like

  • Angiography

Benefits of regular cardiac tests & heart screening

Regular heart screening and cardiac tests help your doctor to understand your individual health risks and chart out a tailor-made healthcare plan for you that will combine

  • Drug treatment

  • Heart-healthy diet

  • Exercise regimen

  • Essential lifestyle changes

  • Regular heart screening plans including cardiac tests

With early detection of any heart/vascular disease, suitable treatment regimen and preventive measures are established.

Get tests at best premises

Empower yourself with knowledge and understanding of your cardiac health issues from the cardiac tests and heart screening procedures that you can arrange at high-skilled medical clinics like Cardiac Screen Ltd, and take charge of your good health and happy life.