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5 Heart and Lung Tests for Athletes

A wide range of different tests can be conducted during sports screening in London. You might have blood and urine tests, a physical examination, and various routine health checks. However, one of the most important aspects of your health for sports performance is your cardiovascular health. Your sports screening at the London clinic may include specialist tests to check how well your heart and lungs are coping with exercise.

  1. Treadmill ECG:
    The treadmill or exercise ECG is one of the most important tests for sports screening. The ECG monitors the electrical activity that controls your heart as you run on the treadmill. The results will reveal how healthy your heart is and what is happening to it as you are exercising. It can help diagnose issues that could otherwise cause serious problems while you are training or competing.

  2. Ambulatory ECG:
    Issues such as arrhythmia don’t always show up while you are at the clinic. If your doctor wants to get a longer look at your heart, you may be asked to wear a portable ECG or blood pressure monitor while you go about your usual routine. This could reveal any hidden issues that only affect you some of the time.

  3. Echocardiogram:
    An ultrasound scan of your heart enables the doctor to check its structure and to see how it is moving. Problems with your heart or valves that could cause serious problems while you are exercising can often be diagnosed with this scan.

  4. Spirometry:
    A spirometry or lung function test can measure how much air your lungs are able to hold and how well they are able to breathe in and out. Good lung function ensures that you are able to get enough oxygen into your body when you are exercising.

  5. Chest X-Ray:
    A chest X-ray may sometimes be needed during sport screening in London to get some additional insight into the health of your lungs. The X-ray can reveal any issues that could be preventing your lungs from functioning properly. It can also reveal any damage caused by smoking or disease.