What is Involved in Gynaecology Screening?

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If you’re visiting Cardiac Screen for gynaecology screening you might be wondering what to expect during the examination. Many women feel anxious about gynaecological check-ups or worry that they might need to have painful tests. Finding out a bit more about gynaecology screening should reassure you that it will be just as safe and simple as any other kind of check-up.

What is Involved in Gynaecology Screening?

Should I See a Gynaecologist?

Gynaecology screening is an essential part of looking after your health. We recommend annual gynaecology screening for all women but you should also visit us if you have any unusual symptoms or questions about your health. Your gynaecologist can investigate menstrual problems or advise you on issues relating to fertility or contraception.

What to Expect During Gynaecology Screening

Gynaecology screening isn’t that different from any other physical exam that you might have at your doctor’s clinic. The only difference is that you will be talking about more sensitive issues and the area that is examined is more private.

The screening process will usually begin with a discussion of your medical history and any concerns that have brought you to the clinic.

You will then have a physical exam. You will be given some privacy to remove the lower half of your clothing, so it’s best to wear something that is easy to take off. You’ll then be asked to lie down with your knees raised. The gynaecologist will examine the external genitalia and may need to perform a cervical smear or pelvic exam.

Both these tests require a speculum to be inserted into the vagina to hold it open. This can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful. For a smear test, a small brush is inserted to take a sample of cells from the cervix. For a pelvic exam, the doctor will need to insert their gloved fingers into the vagina and then press on the abdomen with their other hand. Our doctors will always ensure that you know what these tests will involve and why they are necessary. You’ll be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism throughout.

What Tests are Included in Gynaecology Screening?

If you visit Cardiac Screen for gynaecology screening then we might recommend the following tests:

  • A cervical smear to check for abnormal or precancerous cells that might need to be removed
  • Urine test to check for infections
  • Blood test to screen for common health issues or to measure your hormone levels for a fertility check
  • Ultrasound scan to look at your internal organs (the ovaries, womb and cervix)
  • Gynaecological exam to check your vulva, vagina and cervix
  • Breast exam or mammogram
  • General health checks such as measuring your weight and blood pressure

The tests that we recommend will be determined by your age and medical history. We’ll always explain the tests to you before we perform them. You can also talk to your doctor if you’re still feeling anxious for any reason when you arrive at the Cardiac Screen clinic. We’ll do our best to help you to feel comfortable throughout the screening process.