Could You Recognise the Signs of Thyroid Cancer?

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Thyroid cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer that affects the thyroid gland in the throat, which is responsible for producing the hormones that control our metabolism. Despite the fact that thyroid cancer frequently affects people in their 30s, many younger people in London are unaware of the symptoms. Raising awareness of thyroid cancer is important as it will ensure that more people have the thyroid function tests, ultrasound scans and other tests that can diagnose this condition. Thyroid cancer can usually be treated very successfully as long as it is detected in time.

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What is a Goitre?

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Goitre is a general term that refers to a lump or swelling in your thyroid gland. It can happen for many different reasons, some of which require urgent treatment, so it needs to be investigated with a physical examination, thyroid ultrasound scan or other tests. Continue reading What is a Goitre?