How Can You Avoid a Stroke?

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Stroke is the third most common cause of death in the UK. We all need to be aware of the signs and what to do if someone is having a stroke. However, we should also be taking steps to protect ourselves by reducing the risk of strokes. Up to 90% of strokes could have been prevented so we need to know how to avoid it.

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Symptoms of a Heart Attack

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A heart attack is a potentially life threatening condition that can happen when the blood vessels that supply your heart muscles are blocked. If your heart muscle isn’t getting enough blood then the tissue can be starved of oxygen. This can cause a variety of different symptoms. It is important to be aware of these signs of a heart attack so that you can seek help right away if you or someone else is affected.

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Could Wearable Tech Predict Help With Stroke Treatment?

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If you have experienced a stroke, you will be aware of how much technology can help with your care. You will probably have had many scans and tests such as the carotid Doppler scan to assess your condition and the risk of having another stroke. However, experts are developing new technology that could soon be providing even more information about your health. While the carotid Doppler scan and other assessments can already provide useful information, anything that adds to our understanding of your health will always be a good thing. Continue reading Could Wearable Tech Predict Help With Stroke Treatment?

What Causes an Aneurysm?

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An aneurysm is a bulging in one of the vessels that carries your blood. It can appear near your heart or in another part of your body, and it can cause very serious problems if it weakens or swells so much that it bursts. We don’t yet know exactly what causes an aneurysm to form in a particular place, but there are some risk factors that increase the chances of having both an aneurysm and heart disease. Continue reading What Causes an Aneurysm?

Getting Active After a Heart Attack

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Recovering from a heart attack can take a long time, but you will have a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other medical professionals to help you get back on your feet. Your condition will also be closely monitored to ensure that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, so you may need to come in for a stress echocardiogram at the London clinic before you can increase your physical activity.

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How to Avoid a Heart Attack?

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According to the British Heart Foundation, around 103,000 people suffer a heart attack each year in the UK and this is the leading cause of death related to heart disease. However, even if you have a risk factor for heart disease, such as a family history of the disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, a heart attack is not inevitable, as there are various steps you can take to lower your risk. Continue reading How to Avoid a Heart Attack?