When is the Best Time to Get a Private Pregnancy Scan?

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Getting an ultrasound scan is one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy, not just for you and your partner, but for all the family and friends who are longing to take their first look at your baby pictures. Most women will have at least two scans, but you can always have additional ultrasounds simply by arranging a private pregnancy scan in London. While there is no right time to have an extra ultrasound, there are a few points when it is particularly popular to have another scan.

An Early Scan

The first ultrasound scan is usually conducted at about 12 weeks, but it is possible to arrange an earlier private pregnancy scan in London if you like. A scan should be able to check that your baby is doing well from about 7 weeks, when the heartbeat can be detected. You can have a scan even earlier than this, but it will often have to be conducted vaginally, so it is usually best to wait till at least 7 weeks unless there is a medical reason to have an earlier scan.

Bridging The Gap

With two scans usually conducted at 12 at 20 weeks, you have to spend a long time waiting in between to see your baby again, unless you have an additional scan. Getting a private pregnancy scan in London during the gap can also give you a chance to find out the sex of your baby a little early. It is often possible to tell whether your baby is a boy or girl after 16 weeks, so you don’t have to wait until your 20 week scan. There is another long wait after the second scan, before your baby is born, so this can be another good time to have a scan. Extra ultrasounds during these gaps can reassure you that your baby is well and help you and your partner to bond with your baby.