Should You Have a Heart Test During Sports Screening?

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The sports screening we provide in London can include a range of different tests, including heart tests like the ECG and echocardiogram.


Why Have a Heart Test?

We often recommend heart tests as part of screening for athletes because of the importance of cardiovascular health for your performance and the strain that physical activity places on your heart. You need to be sure that you are exercising safely.

Including cardiac tests in your screening can help to rule out any heart problems such as arrhythmias that could cause serious problems if they remain undetected. Heart screening can reveal issues such as arrhythmias, congenital conditions affecting the structure of your heart, or problems like high blood pressure.

Who Should Have Cardiac Tests?

Although cardiac tests can be required during sports screening in London for many reasons, including heart tests in your screening could be particularly important if you are:

  • A young athlete who’s just getting serious in sport and who hasn’t been screened before
  • An older athlete who needs to start taking better care of their heart
  • An athlete who’s been experiencing issues such as palpitations, particularly if they happen while you’re exercising
  • Someone with a family history of heart disease or an elevated risk of heart disease due to other factors
  • Someone who is starting to exercise after leading a less active lifestyle for some time

Heart tests could also be required if you are planning to compete in certain competitions or events. You may be required to undergo a medical before you can participate.

Your doctor will be able to advise you on which tests, including heart tests, you should have during the screening process in London. Sports screening can be tailored to include the tests that are most appropriate for you.