How Healthy Are Your Lungs?

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If you are about to have sports screening in London, you will need to decide which tests you want to have. One type of test that can prove very useful for your health and performance are lung function tests.

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Exercise and Lung Health

The lungs are responsible for bringing oxygen into your body and expelling the carbon dioxide that your body produces. The amount of air that the lungs can hold and the efficiency with which they can breathe in and out is key to your sports performance as active muscles need more oxygen and produce more carbon dioxide. quickly to exercise and to ensure that your muscles get the support that they need.

Any issues affecting your lungs could reduce your performance by limiting the oxygen supply to your muscles or making them switch to anaerobic respiration sooner, which can lead to cramps. Some lung conditions could even put you at risk of serious or life-threatening problems if they aren’t spotted and treated properly.

Missing the Signs of Lung Conditions

Lung problems are often missed because the symptoms may not be obvious. All of us breathe more heavily when we are exercising, so it can be difficult to tell if our breathing is affected more than it should be. If you get out of breath quickly or cough after training hard, you might simply dismiss it as being out of shape, even though these could be signs of treatable lung conditions. Even among elite athletes in London and the UK, lung conditions are common. One study found that 28% of professional footballers were affected by exercise-induced asthma, which could affect their performance and put them at risk of potentially serious asthma attacks while playing.

Sports Screening for Your Lungs

The best way to take care of your lungs is to include a lung function test in your sports screening at our clinic in London. The doctor can check your lung capacity, how well air moves in and out, and how efficiently your lungs are working. If any issues are identified, treatment could help to address them so that you can perform better and exercise safely.